Carbonara Potato Improv – Naxos, Greece

Having a ball in Naxos. Its soooo hot here. I mean hotter than normal, which is still pretty hot. I really love the hotel, it has a pool. The little shops are so cute and there are thousands of little trinkets I would love to buy for you all but they mostly glass and I know they would not travel well. 🙁 But the thought is there.
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A Little Alone time – Naxos, Greece

Its raining today. Which is actually not too bad. It smells really nice. Its very refreshing in such a hot climate. Last nite Marlena and I went out for dinner then just watched the nightlife. Today she left for Ios. I decided to stay put. I am having some really good wind down time. Catching up on some writing and reading. I was watching TV today and the only thing on was Melrose Place. Man, I can`t believe they still air that! It was all subtitled so it was very funny (as if the acting wasn`t read more

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Dessert Waffles – Naxos, Greece

I am leaving Naxos and going to Santorini in an hour. I have a great day sunning yesterday and then all the girls (they caught up with me again!) went for dinner and the shopped then for the most delicious waffles with carmel, bananas and ice cream….mmmm.

Santorini is supposed to be absolutely breathtaking. I can`t wait to get there. I hope that all is well where you are. I am just burning all my pics so far onto a cd so hopefully I will have a site up and running somewhere so you can s read more

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Transportation Terror in Athens – Athens, Greece

So I got to Santorini which was beautiful but an hour after I had arrived, it became apparent that it was time to say goodbye to Greece. I was getting very itchy feet and laying on the beach just wasn`t doing it for me anymore. So I spent the next few hours trying to arrange the ferries back to Venice.

My last night in Greece was spent by eating swordfish at a lovely small greek restaurant with Marlena (whom I met up with again in Santorini). Then we bought the cheapest wine we could find read more

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I’ll be Comin Round the Mountain…. – Venice, Italy

I arrived into Venice at 8am and stored my pack in the train station baggage storage before heading off to explore Venice. It was absolutely stunning. The sun was shining and I was feeling so happy. I got lost (which I would recommend everyone do in Venice…its the only way) and ran into the cutest little mom and pop grocery store. I bought a .20 Euro banana and a .50 euro apple. I must have looked hilarious walking along eating my banana with this huge grin on my face. It was the best banana I read more

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Mozart Mania – Salzberg, Austria

I was not planning to stop in Salzberg until 5 mins before the train pulled in. I jumped off and called the hostel to see if they had room for me, and as luck would have it, they did. So Salzberg it is. And I am so glad. It is so clean and cozy here. I got a wonderful safe feeling (which I havent had in a while) as I headed into town to find my hostel.

It wasnt far from the train station and the walk there just reinforced what a great decision it was to stop in this Mozart obessed town. H read more

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Chocolate and Rainstorms – Salzberg, Austria

I had a wonderful time wandering around Salzberg yesterday. Then I went back to the hostel to give my very sore feet some rest. I met up with a few other travellers and we played cards and had some beer. Then we went to this Irish pub and had some more beer. I got tired pretty early so I ended up walking home by myself at around 930. But not before I found a cute little deli that I had to try. I got a huge chunk of cheese and some salami to go with my leftover lunch bun.

I ran into a guy read more

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Out of Austria – Ceske Krumlov, Czech Republic

So I went from Salzberg to Gruneau. I stayed at the Treehouse which is run by a really nice couple who were really hospitable and fun. It was so serene and peaceful in this quiet little mountain hideaway. Its quite in the middle of nowhere. The land is untouched and fresh with the best water I have tasted from the creek that runs through.

We ate some bar bq trout at a roadside booth and it has made me a believer in trout once again. The town which is a short hike from the hostel, was smal read more

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No Absinthe, Thank you Anyway – Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

I am still in Cesky but I am feeling a little better. I have spent time just taking it easy and eating chicken soup. I absolutely love the little hostel I am in. Its called the Snail hostel and its adorable. It only has one room with 10 beds but we have our own kitchen and there are two bathrooms, one with a round two person tub! Its really nice to be able to take a nice hot bath when your sick.

Yesterday, there were two Vancouver girls, two kiwis and and American. We all got along really read more

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Escaping the Flood – Dresden, Germany

On Sunday, it started raining again in Cesky Krumlov. I had planned to leave on Monday anyway and its a good thing I did. All the taxis and buses stopped running and the water was gushing threatening to take out the bridges. You got the feeling that things were getting out of control. I was glad to get out and onto the train.

I actually left a few hours early hoping I could get an earlier train but no, I ended up waiting in a traditional Czech pub drinking 40 cent beer and playing pool. Mu read more

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