Finally Bora Bora!

After a lazy morning, we hit lunch, then the gym. I wanted to time it properly so we would be able to watch our approach to Bora Bora while I was on the treadmill. The gym is located directly above the Bridge so the view is perfect. Once the massive mountain peaks showed up in the distance, people started popping up on the outside deck with their cameras. By the time we were in sight of the motu, the place was packed with excited fellow cruisers. I finished my steps just in time, and joined Michael outside in the warm humid air. Just as we were pulling closer to the main island and passing the smaller islands into the bay, I was overwhelmed with the beauty of this place. It hit me that we were arriving in a location that was extremely high up on my Bucket List. And I don’t have many of those left now. So, very special indeed.

I looked over at some of the over-water bungalows that Bora Bora is famous for and then down at the stunning colors of the waters. It wasn’t just blue, but there were turquoise and greens, and every color in-between. The land was lush with greenery and coconut trees. And the air was so warm against my skin. I hurried Michael to get in the tender ticket line, while I went and showered. Once I was done, I took Michael’s place in line so he could get ready for our adventure. Once our tender number was called, we milled down with the crowd to take our place on the tiny little boat. Everyone was very eager to get ashore so the energy was high. We were lucky enough to get onto the first tender so our wait time was quite minimal.

We arrived in Bora Bora at 4pm so there wasn’t a lot to do before it would get too dark. We certainly were not going to attempt any kind of excursion this late so we decided to catch up on some Internet to get that out of the way. We knew we had a full day tomorrow so we could take advantage of that if we cleared up our chores. We asked a few of the touts on the tender platform where we could go for Internet, and were directed to a pearl shop down the road. Turns out they also rented cars, scooters, and dune buggies too so we were in luck. One of the things we wanted to do while we were in Bora Bora was perhaps rent a car and go around the whole island. We explored a few of the options but none of them felt quite right. I really wanted to be in the water but the touts said that jet skis were in Moorea, not here. I was sad about that but resigned myself to driving around the island looking for pretty beaches. Unfortunately most of the good beaches were on the motu and not really on the island at all.

As the tenders brought more and more cruisers onto the island, the store started to fill up. And the free internet connection became jammed. I decided to check my emails and clear up any business that had come up before making any decisions about tomorrow. Low and behold, while I was offline for a week, several fires had begun. One of my renters who had just signed a years lease, had a string of bad luck and had to break his lease. He wasn’t even able to pay his last months rent. The timing really could not be worse. I felt like I had been punched in the gut. What was worse, was that I genuinely felt bad for the guy. He was a great tenant until now, and I know how it can be when you are going through tough times. I wracked my brain for ways to deal with this major disaster.

This is one of those major stresses that I have nightmares about. It is hard to rent a place while you are in the city or country but when you are traveling and off the grid for weeks at a time, it’s damn near impossible. Last time I trusted a property manager, he rented to a psycho woman who trashed the house and cost me thousands of dollars. Finding a GOOD renter is a serious job and not many people are able to do it well. Beside me, Michael was dealing with his own emails and though his were not as dire as mine, he had stuff too. People just go nuts when you are offline and don’t answer within one day. One person gave a 72 hour deadline before pulling a plug because they hadn’t heard from me and were scared something was wrong. CHILL OUT PEOPLE… it’s ok to unplug and disconnect. My gods. I muttered to Michael what was going on and he shared with me some of his, and we just put our heads down and tried to push through it.

I answered as many issues as I could, and put out most of my fires, and some of Michael’s. After getting a change of schedule, I had to change a couple of flights. This can be a headache at the best of times but today, it went better than I expected. Right around then, I started realizing I may have to head back to Canada to solve this rental fiasco. But there just was no time! We are supposed to be heading to South Africa just two weeks after we get back from this trip. I have an extremely long list of stuff I have to get done in California during that fortnight. I started to panic, just a bit. I looked outside at the palm trees swaying in the dusk breeze and crab skittering across the dirt road and felt the warm tropical air waft in every time someone would walk in the door. Then, I remembered to breathe.

A solution suddenly filtered through the madness. Thought it seemed far-fetched, maybe, just maybe it could work. I pinged the few people I needed to connect with and by chance, they all seemed to be online. Within 20 minutes, the crisis had been averted. If all goes as planned, I will have a new renter, someone I know and trust, moving in exactly when the other tenant has to move out. Cross your fingers.

Finally, when I felt somewhat calm, I wanted to call my mom and dad. I missed them a lot having not spoken to them in a week. I waffled out loud about calling them and waking them up since it was almost an hour after their bedtime. An elderly couple who had overheard my worrying, insisted, “Call. Absolutely. It is never too late to call your parents.” I nodded, and took their advice. Dad answered quite groggy but perked up immediately when he heard my voice. I shared with them as much as I could in a couple minutes before I let them get back to bed. It was just so great to hear their voices, and know they appreciated the call.

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