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Summer Leaves Fall

I don`t remember the last time I experienced autumn this way. It`s different than the change of seasons than I have endured in previous years. Somehow I feel more ready. Somehow I feel safer. It doesn`t seem so cold and sudden this time.

When I stroll through the heavily treed streets in my neighborhood, I feel calm. The fallen yellowy, orange, and crimson leaves have covered the sidewalks so deep that I can`t keep from kicking them up with my feet. read more

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Refining Discrimination

I just realized I have too much stuff. Last time I had this feeling I sold or gave away everything I owned. I am hoping I won`t have to take such drastic measures this time. The feeling began a few days ago and is still going strong. read more

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The Abundance Mentality

So it looks like this virtual junk war has triggered a full out offensive. The heat inside my chest to rid myself of this nonsense I have been holding on to is building. It started with my digital photo folder is spreading like a virus motivating me to wipe out all unnecessary items that have somehow seeped their way into my presence. The relentless hanger on-ers are about to be ousted. It began in my virtual closet but the visual clutter on and around my computer desk is no longer sheltered in my peripheral. read more

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My Voice My Vote – Use it or Lose it

I have only voted once. There. I said it. It`s really quite embarrassing for me to admit that now. It wasn`t always though because I used to justify not voting with the fact that I am not interested in politics. Infact, I would even go as far as to proclaim that I don`t “believe” in politics. Ug. read more

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Hunting for Harmony

In my perfect world, balance and growth would be integral. I have had experience in intense growth but at a cost. I used to believe that it was necessary to visit extremes in order to stimulate rapid development. While this may work in some situations, there is no body that can sustain constant barrage of assault without compromising integrity. Burnout out is most often reached by those who do not monitor themselves and maintain their equilibrium. read more

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Ode to the Seedless Grape

It snowed today for the first time this season. I was just about to walk into the Farmers Market when the wind kicked up bringing with it a fury of small white flakes. It was frantic and those around me all looked upwards at the muddy skies. The brief storm didn`t leave a trace and was over as quickly as it arrived. The blustery weather was like Mother Nature giving us all a heads up to haul out the winter wear. I get the feeling this is going to be a rough winter. read more

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