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Smokin` hot and then some

What can I say? It`s hot. Smokin` hot, as my yoga instructors would say. This past week, I have made it to yoga everyday though I have given myself a break. I have allowed myself to take it easy only pushing to about 85 percent of my ability. I even warned Ricky before one of the classes though I managed to do a whole lot better than I had predicted. read more

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Letting go to grow

Today I feel sad. The only reason that I really know of is that I have to say goodbye to my little nephews again. I had to do this before when they moved away but this is a little different. I think they are the most important people in my life because I seem to react very strongly around them. They require me to be something that I would not normally strive for. They are very intelligent which demands a lot my energy but it is so worth it to know them. read more

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Celebrating Success and a Personal Best

For those who think of Canada is synonymous with cold? Think again. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that Canada has extreme weather. It is hotter than hades around here with no relief in sight. And I have earned myself a nice sunburn from my camping trip so its even a little more unbearable. My freezer is broken but luckily my fridge still works. If my access to cold water fails, there is no question I would have to abandon ship. read more

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BE the Change you want to SEE

The things I am learning right now are just how important it is to be responsible with my energy. It has been easy in the past to just do what I wanted because I really didn`t think that my actions affected anyone except me. I now am beginning to comprehend how naïve that type of attitude is. And it can have disastrous results if one is not living to their potential. I cannot know what results my good deeds will have but I need to be very aware of my mistakes. It is sooo hard to admit them but recognizing and correcting our faults will have a stronger lasting effect to the development of the human race. All my good efforts will have been in vain if I cannot overcome my obstacles. read more

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Ferret the kids

I have been a little down lately but today was a turn around. I guess sometimes in life, it gets muggy and hot and things just feel tired. I guess it doesn`t help that the weather has been this way and I have been struggling with another bout of insomnia. I get this sometimes and it is awful when you have too much to think about. The “things” just run through your head over and over making you feel nuts. And there is nothing you can do but turn over. Again and again until hopefully, you pass out from exhaustion. read more

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Fun fur real

I have been getting my mind into planning the next month which is going to be exciting indeed! I am planning on attending a couple music and art festivals, one of them being Burning Man. So the preparation has begun. read more

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