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Do NOT Smile for the Camera or else…

So it`s a little strange and shocking (apparently) to hear that someone like me is without a passport. Yes I admit that last October, I was aware that my travel rights would be limited once my 5 year term ran out. I guess I just got so caught up in the move and the changes happening around me. I didn`t go renew it before it expired. Bad. read more

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Death to taxes

The trip is getting closer and my excitement is growing with each day. It`s been far too long since I have gone away which is probably one of the reasons I am letting myself get so worked up. All the planning is done, tickets are bought and reservations made. I usually don`t go into it so organized but this time is was necessary. The Miami Music Conference has made it next to impossible to get accommodation as everything was sold out months ago. Luckily, after calling back a few times we got in thanks to Audrianna persistence in finding a cancellation. read more

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So this is just a little post. I want to remind myself that not every entry needs to be monumental. This one finds me sitting in my jammies, at 1am staring at my passport. I don`t really wanna be a writer here. Just want to talk.

Things have been pretty crazy the last few days. My head is spinning upsidedown but I am managing. I did 8 straight days of hot yoga and I am now a believer. The best was on the last day when suddenly I made this breakthrough and could BEND back (just because I tried!)! I wanted to yell I was so happy but I maintained my silence and pushed through. So that is something I need to incorporate into my life, I have decided. I am so excited to meet Jessica who is a yoga instructor and will surely be able to steer me in the right direction. read more

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Up up and away – Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

Well I made in onto the plane so I am relieved to know that my passport works. People have been having issues with customs and border controls because of some “list” which classifies some people as risky. I am glad to know that I am not considered in that category. I have heard of people missing entire trips because of this strange new practice which is part of the new safety regulations. They sure are trying to make it hard to travel and though it may discourage some, it only makes my resolve that much stronger. read more

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TravelPodders take Miami – Miami Beach, Florida, United States

I finally have a moment to capture a few of the memories of the last few days. Jess and I are sitting on the Promenade Deck in the 24 hour coffee and treat shop. We both have been having trouble focusing (she too works in a virtual office) so we made a work date. I have been indulging my procrastination demon and find myself distracted by anything and everything. read more

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South Beach Style – South Beach, Florida, United States

The next morning we met Adrianna`s friend Vicky completing our group until more would arrive on Saturday. After some internet and work stuff, we decided to head off to Joe`s Stone Crabs for lunch. I had been telling them about it for long enough and it was finally time for them to experience it for themselves.

We caught the 25 cent South Beach bus which carted us the 15 blocks to the restaurant. I suppose we could have walked it but we wanted to make sure we got there before they closed at 2pm. It was as elegant as always with the staff dressed to impress and emanating class. read more

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Rain Dance – Miami, Florida, United States

I was able to wake early enough to grab a quick snack and head to the internet shop. I decided to grab a coffee on the way and met a dude who obviously didn`t have English as a first language. I began fumbling around with my Spanish when he smiled and shook his head. Confused I asked him what language he wanted me to speak? He said French! Dios mio, I thought. My French is even more limited than my Spanish but he seemed glad I tried. read more

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WetraFest and Chill in SoBe – South Beach, Florida, United States

Saturday was meant to be the main day for UltraFest and we decided to pace ourselves. Rather than showing up at 11am when the gates opened, we wandered in at around 4 just in time to catch Fat Boy Slim who played a great set. The venue could have been better and the sound was horrific but he still managed to make it work. I was happy to have finally gotten to see him after enjoying his style for so long.

I pretty much split from the crew most of the time and went off on my own. There were read more

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Embarkation onto Explorer of the Seas – Miami, Florida, United States

We slept in a bit and then got everything together to make our embarkation time. After grabbing a cab we drove the 15 minute ride to the ship. As we pulled up, I could feel everyone`s excitement growing as they gazed at the enormity which would be our home for the next week. read more

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Securing the Machine – At Sea, Florida, United States

I woke up early on Monday to eat my breakfast in the dining room. If there is one thing I have learned about cruising it is that choosing to spend meals in the buffet line is never a good thing. It`s not that the food is bad as it usually is somewhat similar to the menu in the dining rooms. In fact, there is about three times the selection complete with new creations almost every session. read more

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