Monthly Archives: February 2007

Just a little black rain cloud

Argh. I am having an off day. THE CAT has gone into heat again for the third time in three weeks. If she wasn`t scheduled to go in tomorrow to be fixed, I would probably move out. I have acquired another cat as well for the time being. I don`t know how it will work out but at least until she finds another home, she is staying here. I couldn`t bear to see her taken to the humane society so I told Stephanie I would take her. She and Magic don`t get along. So cat fights galore add to my stress levels. read more

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Many precious hands

Once in a while, a person like me who takes a lot of risk, ends up dropping a few balls. Things have been so overwhelming in my life lately. I basically bit off more than I could chew. There have been just so many major shifts and changes, going on around me, that I had a meltdown. Normally I would be ok but I forgot to factor in the unexpected problems that occasionally rear their ugly head. Between finances, work, social, and physical issues, it appeared I had overestimated myself. read more

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Castle in the Sky

Things have been really peaceful. I seem to have found my groove and not a moment to late. I understand now that everything happens as it should, when it should. In the past, I have had terrible timing. Come to think of it, I probably still do. But now I let go of when I think things should happen and just accept that most of the time (with a few exceptions like brushing my teeth) that they just will. If they are meant to, that is. read more

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