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In with the New

My New Years Eve was great because my sister and her husband joined me at the big year end bash my friends put on. It was the first time they have visited this part of my life and met all my friends. This meant I also got to spend my sisters` birthday with her for the first time in I don`t know how long. Unfortunately, they left quite early (being parents and all) and shortly after my recent illness decided to make a sudden comeback in full force. Things went from bad to worse as an important relationship began to dissolve unexpectedly and rather rapidly. I spent first few days of 2007 lost, confused and hurting in every way. read more

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The best medicine

After I went to the doctor, it didn`t take too long to start feeling better. I began getting some serious motivation and all sorts of things that I had been procrastinating got done. Almost like magic, things just started falling off my To Do list. It felt great because when one is ill, there is not much that gets accomplished so there was a bit of a backlog. read more

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Magic the Love Machine

My cat is driving me bonkers! Magic is about a year old now (no one really knows for sure as she was a stray kitten) and seems to be finding her self. She is maturing into a sex crazed fiend who seems to go into heat more often than I have to vacuum! My pure and wholesome ball of fur is now a howling harlot on a mission. read more

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Birthday Night (and the morning after)

I ended up just getting up and dressing for the night. I headed over to Jens new apartment for a dinner party. It was super fun times and we ate gourmet Indian fare compliments of David. We all pitched in but he was the mastermind behind the operation. After filling my tummy, I was off on the go again to the party. I stopped in at home to grab a few things and decided to try yet again to grab a 15 minute nap. How else would I make it through the night?!? read more

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Birthday Day – Whatever I want?

So my birthday was pretty fantastic. The night before I went to a wonderful “Dream Circle” which was not on inspiring but quite enlightening. And I thought I knew everything about my dreams? Apparent not! I have dreams I didn`t even know I had. Cool!

So I ended up having a sleepover at Chandras and we stayed up almost all night talking. I was woken by my sister and nephews singing me Happy Birthday on the phone! I could tell this was going to be a great day. read more

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Moving Up

The cat (as I have resorted to calling her until she is fixed) has finally calmed down from her hormone holiday. She does however have this terrible habit of sleeping all day then terrorizing the house all night. She likes to run up on me while I am sleeping and screech in my ear with a very concerned look on her face. Then once she is satisfied that I am fully awake and startled into oblivion, she grins then runs off and hides. I have tried to tell her this is not a fun game but she doesn`t seem to get it. If anyone knows why she does this or how to curb this crazy making behavior, please let me know. read more

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A Different Point of View

I apologized for not taking the typical route and calling the realtor first. I explained that I had been intending on buying this suite as soon as it came up. I told them that there was no way that I was going to let it get away and that they should just consider it sold. I think they were surprised and intrigued by my certainty and will. read more

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In the News Again

Cool! I got into the paper again! It was about this time last year that the Edmonton Journal did a very similar article. This time we are in the Vancouver Sun.

Check it out:

This is the link to the article

“On the road with the blog at your back

When Carmella Lesiuk set out to travel the globe, little did she realize `the entire world` would go whereshegoes on

Rebecca Osler, Special to The vancouver Sun
Published: Saturday, January 27 read more

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TravelPod MeetUp Music Massive an Caribbean Cruise

TravelPodder Music Massive and Caribbean Cruise

Well as these things tend to materialize, another TravelPod meetup has just sprouted. And it`s gaining speed fast! Jump on quickly to get the best rates.

Here is the deal: read more

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