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Feeling the Frosties

We are officially into winter, according to my standards anyway. Though the calendar says it is not until December 21st but I know better. The snow is here to stay and no amount of plus temperatures are going to change that. The snow comes down almost daily now dressing the thousands of trees that line the river valley in elegant white gowns. When the sun comes out which is quite often, they sparkle and twinkle reflecting her rays. read more

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Surprise visit

Almost a year ago, Sus came and suprised me with a visit. She just blogged about it and included photos from that beautiful day.

It`s pretty cool to reunite with travellers who have made such an impact on you. This sweetheart is a soul sista through and through. And in case you were wondering, she and Aaron are still going strong 😉 Yay for Carmella the Cupid!

Grateful for reunions.

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Unexpected Discoveries

I have been maintaining my Road to Purity resolution with strong diligence. I feel a lot higher energy and am noticing quite a lot more peace in my life. I have even made through a few parties without partaking of any “mood enhancers.” Perhaps the best moment was when I was sitting quietly enjoying the music at Mel`s birthday bash and Ken came strolling by with a tub of Ben and Jerrys ice cream. ICE CREAM! It was only one spoon but so delightfully decadent. It really made my night. read more

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Braided Paths

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with gratitude. I have these moments when I realize I have everything I have ever wanted, I am everything I hoped to be, and I am whole. I guess its something that maybe many take for granted but for me, it has been a struggle. The first stage of my life was trying and I have had moments when I had to fight hard not to give up. I remember sleeping for long periods of time just to escape from this world which wasn`t at all how I thought it should be. read more

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My Cuban friends` first Canadian Party

Elena, Laura and I got ready together then made our way to the Clubhouse where the party was being held. Atlantis – Aquarius Mojave was the theme and the underwater opulence abounded throughout every room. The décor was fantabulous and the vibe was pumping the good energy from our heads to our toes. read more

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Fairytale Fun, Hot Chocolate and Cookies

I woke up in the late afternoon and eventually found my way down to the gym for a workout. Phil and Elena were already there so I jumped on the bike and got started. I was surprised at just how much energy I had and how strong I felt. I managed quite a long set at increased weights and realized that my dedication was finally paying off. read more

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SuperFriends Sparkler Games Night

It had been a long time since we had a Superfriends event so I took the initiative and planned one. I called it the Superfriends Sparkler Game Night at Carmella`s new pad. I invited all the original members as well as a few new recruits. I rushed around on Monday trying to get everything ready before the guests would arrive at 7:30pm. My awesome and ever helpful father went out of his way to pick up the games and the missing cake pan. read more

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I received Flora early in the afternoon when she had just finished lunch with a friend of hers. I gave her the biggest bear hug I could muster then we settled down for tea and a serious catch up session. I learned that since I had left her at Burning Man last year, things had been pretty good. And for me? I admitted to her that the last few months had been a little more than eventful…and I would dare to wonder…perhaps life changing? read more

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My Shining Flower

When Flora got home, she relayed to me the horror that was on the streets. I guess traffic had come almost to a standstill throughout the city. I was pretty grateful that the restaurant that I wanted to take her to was just across the street. There would be no driving involved but even the 2 minute walk was almost unbearable. Let me tell you, minus thirty Celcius is nothing to joke about. With the windchill factor, temperatures felt more like forty-five below. read more

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