Solid Friendships

So after I dropped Sebastian off at the airport, I met up with Nathan for sum dim sum. Though our visit was short, it was sweet and we both left lighter. My fortune cookie read: A pleasant surprise is in store for you soon.” Nice.

Next mission was to take one hyper overpacked Kelly to the airport. After cutting her wardrobe down by half and rearranging her kitchen stuffs, I finally got her in the car. We started out with her in the passenger seat drinking the beer but somehow she ended up driving and I finished the beer. It was funny. She is crazy and I love her for that.

I then hurried to Deerfoot Mall to meet up with Cassandra who bowled me over with a giant hug. She was wearing my favorite pink corderoy pants (from my days in Argentina) that I gave her at Symmetree…they fit her perfectly. Turns out there is some serious syncroncity happening here too. She is to be my little sister I think and for that I am grateful.

She had just finished digesting the Celestine Prophesy this past summer and admitted it has changed her life. But now she is struggling trying to come to terms with a few difficult realisations and I remembered HEY I have a good book for her! So I took her to my car which was coincidentally parked right accross from hers, and reached into my bag and pulled out the Celestine Vision (I wondered why I had brought it…I knew Sebastian wouldn`t want to take a hard cover book backpacking). She broke into a fit of tears. She couldn`t even talk. I felt it too.

Isn`t life beautiful?

Then I drove home and it was LONG but I didn`t fall asleep (thanks to Wayne Dyer audio books). I had been trying to settle Magic down and then the phone rang. I had a half hour conversation with the Mastercard girl from Manila. The first time I have gotten a call like this on my cell phone but I have unlimited evening and weekends so I thought I would have a chat.

I tried to understand why I would need to pay 15 dollars a month to ensure I wouldn`t be a victim of identity theft. Still feeling quite high from the last few days, I ended up telling her my whole story and she listened curiously. I imagine that it would be a nice break for someone at work to listen to a beautiful fairytale.

After a good 30 mins she said her supervisor told her to end the call so she had to go. But I asked her if she thought that I should really be worrying about things like identity theft when the universe keeps presenting me with such amazing gifts like soulmates. She giggled and said she didn`t think so.

Grateful for touch.

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