Effortless Flow

The next morning, I woke to find a thick blanket of fresh white snow adorning my sister city. I took extra care as I drove Kelly to drop off her car at the shop, as this is my first time driving standard in snow. I met up with Sebastian in the afternoon and we spent the day just hovering around each other being silly. I was pleased that he had finished all his preparations for his upcoming trip and we could share some time.

We visited Josh, a friend of Sebastian`s who despite being Canada for half his life, still speaks with an endearing South African accent. I was impressed by this gentleman`s graciousness and thoroughly enjoyed his company. It is clear to see why these two are friends, obviously cut from the same fabric.

We ate sushi for dinner and I was again, astounded at how we could banter for hours without even one uncomfortable silence. Things just seemed to flow between us and was is truly invigorating.

Kelly was having her last Capoeira class and we wanted to watch play her instructor, as she has so been looking forward to this moment. She is off to Brasil tomorrow to study this acrobatic and playful martial art more intensively for a few months. Sebastian spent four years in this skillful fusion of sparing dance and I enjoyed watching him back in his element. We talked about how it is interesting how things can seem so important in ones life for such a time, then when it is over and the lessons are learned, it is very clear.

It was perplexing to me that I wasn`t sad to see him off at the airport, as that would seem to be the expected response. But in fact, I have never felt so healthy and balanced. It`s so wonderful to meet people in this world who help us grow and learn, even if it is only for a passing moment.

Grateful for equivalence.

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