Smooth Move

The move went relatively seamlessly but I never could have done it alone. Moving out of suburbia and into the heart of the city was elating. But what I was really high off of was the amount of love I was shown from my family. They really showed up for me and without them, it`s quite possible that I would still be packing!

The last few days, it seemed my list just kept getting longer and I was growing more and more concerned. I wasn`t making a very good dent and began to feel overwhelmed. My mom came over, and basically rescued me. She is an expert packer and one of the most efficient cleaners I know. Together we sorted, disassembled, folded, scrubbed, and polished. We chatted and drank lots of tea qualifying this as some good ol` bonding time. Who knew moving could be so fun! She even slept over keeping me company on my last night in my old home. Moms are great.

On Saturday morning, my two brothers showed up with two trucks to carry all my stuffs. I had just finished packing the breakables into my silly car when Omari, my sisters husband rolled up in his school van. I squinted into the sunny morning thanking him profusely for coming. He shrugged it off and informed me matter of factly that it`s nothing, “we are family”. Next Paul came with my dads truck and the men began carrying and loading up the vehicles. I did my best by carrying lighter stuff but my two dedicated brothers did all the work. I was so grateful that they are so good at packing things in tight as can be because we got the whole thing done it ONE TRIP!

It`s a very interesting thing moving into a condo/apartment. In my case, I had to book the elevator in advance and have everything moved in the two hour span. Let me tell you, this is a daring deed and should not be attempted by the fainthearted. As we approached noon, I was thoroughly impressed with these two men who had just saved me with their quick and nimble moving skills. My sister showed up to help begin the unpacking and also surprised us with refreshments. Shelley and Chandra showed up to give me a hug in the midst of it all, after hearing my heightened stress levels on the phone.

“Where are you?!?! Get down here (to the parking lot)!! There is dance party happening in your name!”

I opened the door to see two lovely ladies bouncing to the beats of Shelley`s convertible. My brother Paul came with me to help me get the last of the furniture and after a bit of a goose chase we succeeded. Who knew it could be such a feat to find a king size bed frame? But we did it then moved the last of the stuff in.

We had a comical moment when we were carrying in the last of the last, one big heavy wooden dresser. As we barreled down the long hallway, we remarked at how good it felt to be almost done. I thought something was weird when after swinging the front door open, my feet felt weird on the carpet. Carpet? I thought to myself. I don`t have carpet. Just then I realized that the elevator had dropped us at the wrong floor and seeing that every floor looks more or less the same, we had failed to notice. I guess this is a pretty safe building because people don`t lock their doors. So, I apologized between the giggles to my downstairs neighbor, slowly backing out of her suite.

Jen and Dave came over to assist bringing their much appreciated tools. Finally when the last of the last was moved in, I raced back to my old house. I helped my mom finish up the cleaning just in time to turn the keys over to the new renters. As the rain started pummeling the ground, I settled into my new home. I watched the downtown core sparkle and twinkle in the night as I let out a long sigh. Home.

Grateful for family.

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