Monthly Archives: September 2006


I am in my home. Safe and sound. With my creature comforts all around. I have been touched. I have been inspired.

Oh I am so happy to be dancing once again. For a while my feet fell flat and the music was deaf.

I know I should be sleeping but I am too full of life! My bags are sitting by the door and I am exhausted I am sure but I am so happy.

I went on an adventure and found a whole new world! YaY! I love people. We RocK! (you know we do)

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Karmic Connections

I have been keeping myself extremely busy with friends, celebrations, work, family and health. Not to mention the move that is supposed to take place this weekend. I am quite looking forward to it though everytime I think about it, I get overwhelmed. I have so many little things to do before Saturday but luckily I have help. read more

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