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A Day of Firsts for Stephanie – Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

This morning I woke up long before anyone else as I had no clue what time it was as I am knee deep in jet lag. The 14th floor apt was already balmy at only 7am so I downed some cold water and changed into less clothes. read more

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Bubble Tea and Beer – Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

Last night we decided to bus home from Waikiki then Steph and I did some pilates. We munched on some yummy snacks we had purchased at Foodland including some fresh ahi tuna. I decided to turn in early while Steph and Tony went to see a reggae band at some local bar. read more

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Slow Poke`s – Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

We woke with good intentions. It didn`t seem like we had too much to do but I guess we just ended up taking our time doing it. Steph and I went to the gym then back upstairs to do our pilates. It`s nice to be able to do them in private as we prefer to do them in as little clothes as possible. There is something very motivating about watching your muscles working. read more

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Sun, Snorkling and Spamapple Splits – North Shore, Hawaii, United States

Today we all woke early grabbed a quick bite then headed off to the North Shore. It didn`t take long to find that Tony thinks he is some kind of racecar driver. I held on for my life as we weaved in and out of early morning traffic. It was a little busier than we had expected giving Tony Andretti all the more reason to floor it. At one point, we got cut off and just about bit it. Thanks to my hyperactive adrenaline powered senses, I alerted Tony to the would-be accident in just enough time for him to swerve. We narrowly missed the truck barreling in front of us from two lanes away. We survived intact save for a few scratches and bruises on Steph who was trying to change into her swimsuit in the backseat. Phew! read more

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Home from Hawaii

So nothing needs to be perfect. I am just writing this because I have so much to say and I don`t even know where to start. I made it home. There is lots to tell you about Hawaii…Oh BOY! You`ll see. I actually have some pretty sweet video. Not as sweet as the pineapple or mango, mind you. Ok. I am sitting here and my head is spinning. I have so much to do. I haven`t slept in 3 days. A really quick run down…just so you know: read more

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Hockey Nerves

Sitting outside my favorite tea shop on Whyte Ave just an hour before the big game. I have had to really monitor my game watching as I have found myself getting just a little too worked up. My poor cat, Magic, would run and hide under furniture when things would get tense. I guess sometimes I can get a tad over passionate about it. Who wouldn`t? read more

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Well it`s finally over. Part of me is glad because I have had just about as much beer over the past few weeks as my body can handle. And to be honest, the tension was killing me. I made it past the point caring and accepted whatever the outcome. The Edmonton Oilers made this playoff season worth the price of admission (and it was dear, let me assure you) and then some. Those boys really did us proud. Well done!!! read more

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In with the New

Yesterday the deal went through with my new condo. I am really excited to get out of Familyland and escape the burbs. I guess this is me accepting my unfamiliedness and realizing that I will not be unsingle anytime soon.

My new place is smack dab in the middle of it all steps away from the trendiness of Whyte Ave, intellectual jungle of University, and almost happening downtown core. Within walking (or even spitting) distance to most of my favorite restaurants, I suppose the fact that my kitchen is half the size won`t bother me much. read more

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Summertime is here!

Today is the first day of summer and the longest day of the entire year. I spent some time with my mom last night and ended up sleeping over. She fed me some yummy homemade borcht (beet stew) which I absolutely love. It didn`t even need the dollop of sour cream that I usually add to it. read more

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