Monthly Archives: May 2006

Bounce Bounce Bounce

Sorry for the lapse. I got a little lost. I seem to have found my way back now. So what`s new? I have been working hard and things seem to be paying off. I feel that what ever black cloud was hovering over me has finally decided to move on. I can`t really put my finger on it but I am overall just feeling a whole lot better. I suppose all the little things I have been doing have probably helped too. read more

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Sunny Days

I suppose things have been heating up a bit in my life. Just gradually but that is perfect. I have been watching a lot of hockey and spending time trying to get my house in order. It really is a lot more stress than I remember keeping up this “stable” life. The trick is not to try do it the “normal” way but to incorporate what I have learned to create a new way of living that works for me. read more

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Aloha Hawaii – Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

In the last few days, things have gone from crazy to insane. One thing after another just kept coming up and needed to be dealt with RIGHT NOW. So between work, social obligations and financial issues, not to mention my strict health regimen, my head was spinning. By Wednesday afternoon, I had sorted it all out. My life is finally back into the position I want it to be in and I feel great! I must say tho, I really feel I have earned this holiday. read more

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