Monthly Archives: March 2006

Welcome Winter

The vapid branches of the naked trees tremble in the wind. The snow whips around in cyclones trying to decide its spot. We had a very mild winter up until now. But the biting chard’s of cold are coming with a vengeance. My house has been making funny noises. Yesterday, large tufts of heavy snowdrifts plunged into the piles below as the temperature rose for a few hours. This is excellent snowman weather as snowballs almost form by themselves. I heard the kids next door figuring that out as they created their own little Frosty Family. read more

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Gaining Ground

Before my trip, I never really paid much attention to media. Had a hard time watching television much and newspapers became too tedious. I don`t want to ever be able to just sit and watch disaster and not be affected. Aside from gratuitous violence which I don`t find entertaining in the best of times there is the news. read more

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