Special Sam

I am cat sitting for Stacy and Greg at the moment who are off in Thailand. Sam is an older female black cat who has a few strange quirks but is an interesting creature to have around. She chatters away incessantly (as the elderly are known to do) and stares at the corners a lot. She likes to wake up in the middle of the night to have a snack but then gets lost and forgets her way back to bed. She will howl around the house for quite sometime and in a half asleep state the noise can be much like a baby wailing. She has chosen to make her bed my pillow and if my head is on it, the she just sleeps on my head.

The more bizarre of her habits is when she will climb on your chest (or your back depending on your sleeping position) and stand there (no she won`t sit down) staring at you. Many a night I have woken to her giant green eyes only centimeters from mine. I have had many cats in my day but none could compete with the odd antics of special Sam.

I have been working quite a bit lately which has been quite nice. TravelPod has grown from 20,000 members to 30,000 in the past three months. It great when such steep progress happens. I like how short my commute is. About 10 seconds from my bed to my office. I do make sure that I get out almost daily whether it be for tea at the tea shop or to wander around the grocery store. I am really looking forward to summer when I can go for walks and rollerblades.

My mood has lighted a bit from the weekend and I am quite looking forward to Saturday which will mark the end of my detox. There have been several uncomfortable dramas going on in my life with regards to my relationships and this has taken a toll on me. I have decided to take a few steps back from them until I am in a better headspace. I am doing a total health makeover on my life on all levels. It has occurred to me that as “different” as I was before my travels, it seems even more pronounced now. Hopefully I don`t like my hermitdom too much and decide to stay there.

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