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Best New Years Yet

Between Xmas and New Years, I tried to get a few things done, including preparations for my upcoming trip to Ottawa to meet once again with my TravelPod counterparts. I also wanted to help my friends set up for the the huge New Years party that was in our midst. I have to admit that I was feeling a little strange knowing that we were heading into a new year with no snow and above freezing temperatures. Hey, I am not complaining, believe me. I just have to remind myself constantly that I am in Canada because at times, the weather sure doesn`t let me know it. read more

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Business Trip – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I landed in Ottawa and looked out the window to see more snow than I have seen in a long time. And they only really had a few centimeters. I grabbed a coffee and muffin while I waited for my luggage which never ended up coming. I spilled some coffee on my jeans on my way to make a lost luggage report. I sighed and counted to ten while the man behind the counter asked me the same series of questions about three times. I jumped in a cab and arrived at my hotel twenty minutes later. read more

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The Big Three O

I have spent the past few weeks working and spending time with people I care about. I have made an ongoing date with each of my nephews when we do things like play chess, have ice cream or donuts, and play video games. It`s pretty awesome to be spending quality time with them and it`s good to see how we can grow together. I also have started doing pilates regularly again which is a step forward with my health. I am already feeling a lot more flexible and my strength is improving. read more

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Slippery Slope

It`s been almost 3 months since I have come back home and settled in. I know that`s not much time but the way I live, it is. I guess I am coming to the realization that one who deals in extremes, is often out of balance. This is turning out to be not the healthiest place for me. So since I have come home, I have had a hard time “grounding” myself. I find it more than easy to just get swept away by the moment. read more

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