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Warm Hearts Melt Cold Feet

Last week Sus went home back to Denmark. It was pretty emotional for me but even more so for Aaron. We went for Death By Chocolate and had a sushi nite for her final farewell. At the airport, I cried. I surprised myself a little when I felt my heart tugging. I don`t usually get so worked up over these things and certainly don`t let myself get so attached. I think more so it was the fact that I have a special bond with Sus and I could feel her. She is my Danish sister and loves me unconditionally. I am lucky to know her. I know we will cross paths again probably sooner than later. read more

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Newly Discovered

So here I am. I am at the end of another year. My first winter. I attended a Winter Soulstice ceremony. I decided that it would be a good idea to actually recognize my first winter in how many years? The longest night. The darkest. I walked the labyrinth and the thoughts that came to me were quite unexpected. I reflected over the past year. Wow. So much has happened. I have changed countries. I have changed hemispheres. I have come home. I watch the snow outside and wonder how I used to hate it. read more

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Chocolate Carmella

I am here in my living room. Surrounded by boxing day flyers that I just finished reading. Its 11:48pm and I think the stores are closed. Good thing. There were some good deals that I may have tried to rush out for. But then really. I think about it seriously. Do I need it? Nah. I will go get kitty litter tomorrow…that I know I need for sure. Bet they didn`t have any boxing day blowout sales on kitty litter. read more

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It`s About Time

It`s late. Almost 1am on December 31, 2005. I am eating scrambled eggs with salsa and cheese…energy food. I have so much left to do before I am allowed to sleep. The past few days have been a bit of a blur…working, RDNs, visiting, and not sleeping nearly enough. My friends are throwing a huge New Years bash called ReVerb and I tried to help out as much as could. I wanted to dressup but I have no idea what I should wear. read more

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