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Endless Eating – Atlantic

So this was our first day of our Atlantic crossing. After breakfast, we found an empty lounge and worked a bit. There are so many places you can tuck into on this ship. It is absolutely huge. There are 3000 guests and over 1000 crew living onboard but as time goes by, the ship seems to get smaller. Some times you see the same person again and again but when you are looking for someone, seems they must have jumped ship. read more

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Contra dictions – Atlantic, Netherlands Antilles

This morning at breakfast we met some interesting couples. Over oatmeal and grapefruit we discussed the existence of aliens and the American way. Sus and I have requested to be seated at bigger tables so we can interact with the other passengers. With all these years of experience, surely we would be able to pull a nugget or two of knowledge. read more

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Rock A Bye Baby – Atlantic, Netherlands Antilles

Woke up pretty early today and waited the two hours until Sus woke up so we could go for breakfast. This whole time change thing is really messing with my head and the pitch darkness of the cabin doesn`t help much. At least there is no danger of jet lag as we are crossing over the time lines so gradually. This is another way to go back in time or forward to the past. read more

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Cookie Time – Caribbean, Netherlands Antilles

At breakfast this morning we met some Canadians who invited us to their house in Ontario as well as their winter home in Florida. I decided to hit the gym early today as I seemed to have a lot of extra energy to burn off. I left Sus in the room and ran up the 11 floors to run some more on the treadmill.

At lunch we met some more Canadians and they told us that there were a whole bunch onboard that were from my province. I guess with over 3000 guests, there were bound to be a few. We decided to lay outside on the top deck where I was able to plug away on the laptop until it began to sprinkle a little. read more

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Desprately Seeking Silliness – North Atlantic Ocean, Netherlands Antilles

Today I started feeling the fact that we are almost back to North America. I have really enjoyed living on a ship and wonder if perhaps I was a sailor in another life. Today I went to the gym twice and noticed that I am getting more flexible though I have definitely gained some pounds. I should be able to lose them once my eating schedule does not dominate my day. read more

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Clogs and Conch Shells – St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles

We woke early enough and I was overjoyed that I was not land sick again. We had a smaller breakfast then made our way down to the gangway. It was early on a Sunday and I am not sure what we thought we were expecting to be open at 9am. Aaron and Cort had already left the ship leaving Sus and I to a day for ourselves. We opted to walk instead of paying the $5 watertaxi ride to Phillipsburg, the shopping mecca of St. Maarten. read more

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Expired Shoes – Caribbean, Virgin Islands US

I liked that we were at sea again today and I tried to get the most of it as it was almost over. I spent some time up on the lido deck in the sun but it got too hot very fast. I lasted about 15 minutes before I needed to cool off. I jumped in the pool with the other 20 people who had the same idea. I was a little surprised that they used salt water but then I remembered that was how it was done. Sus, Aaron and I climbed up the stairs to the top level and zoomed down the slide. It was more fun than I thought it would be but nothing compared to the slides in the World Waterpark. read more

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End of Ship Trip – Caribbean, Virgin Islands US

It`s the last day of the cruise and we can see Florida on the live map. There is this channel on the TV that tells you the speed, temperature and then shows a map of where were are and the line we have followed. I think we are passing Cuba today. read more

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Costume Shopping – South Beach Miami, Florida, United States

We were woken by the loud knocking of room service that came promptly at 7am. It was the first time we indulged in the luxury and we thoroughly enjoyed our cereal in bed. We packed up the last doodads and made our way to the dining room where we could have some oatmeal. We had gotten accustomed to this ritual and it would be wrong to break in on the last day. Besides, who knew who we could meet at our table today? read more

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Change of Plans – South Beach Miami, Florida, United States

We enjoyed our complimentary breakfast and I really enjoyed speaking to the staff in Spanish. Much of Miami is speaking in Spanish and I would practice at every possible opportunity. I pretty much worked all day from the room where I had a good connection. I heard construction going on outside and thought about how messed up everything is here because of the recent hurricane. When you walk down the street, there are fallen palm trees and rubbish strewn about. read more

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