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Sleep Hard Work Hard Play Hard – Alicante, Spain

I woke up pretty late on Saturday…like 4pm late. I wasn`t too fussed tho as I am just glad to be sleeping, finally. I did a bunch more work until Fed came home and pried the laptop away from me. We wandered down to the Barrio again and this time found a nice little table on a patio. We chatted and people watched for the next few hours.

We ran into a few of Feds co-workers who all seemed to be from England. They went one way and we went the other to find another dance club that we had heard of. There was a line up so I decided to use my “bouncey bouncer” technique. It worked like a charm and Fed couldn`t believe it bugging me incessantly to know what I said. I told him the truth…its all in the smile. read more

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Flying to the Airport to catch a Flight – Valencia, Spain

Sunday I woke up a little late and puttered around the house in overdrive trying to get things packed up. Fed woke up shortly after informing me that we had to go lickity split if I was going to make my flight. A few days ago I had booked a flight online to go to Mallorca and it leaves today at 330pm. It was now 1pm and we still had to drive from Alicante to Valencia.

Fed wasn`t feeling well from the festivities of the night before so I couldn`t get him to eat half a cherimoya or even a banana for that matter. We hopped in the car and were off. And I mean OFF like a bolt of lightening. read more

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Here there be kitties – Mallorca, Spain and Canary Islands

The flight to Mallorca was only 30 minutes and the airport was empty. The weather was pretty overcast and chilly not much unlike my spirits at the moment. I had just missed the bus that goes into town and I was just feeling a little down. No idea why really.

So finally I climbed onto the bus and rode into the center of Palma. Here I was supposed to catch another bus but I could seem to find it and the people giving directions were not very helpful. It had started to sprinkle a bit so I just gave in an jumped in a cab. It`s a good thing too because there is no way I would have ever found my way to Alex`s house otherwise. read more

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Eyeing the Eclipse – Portals Nous, Spain and Canary Islands

I woke up in the night to a very strange noise and tho I tried to ignore it, I couldn`t. I laid here wondering what it could be and finally settled on some kind of rare nocturnal bird. I tried to block it out but it seemed to be getting louder so I sat up to investigate further when I felt something at my feet. Apparently Homer has become quite attached to me in the 5 hours I knew him. Here he had made himself very comfortable at the foot of my bed. read more

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Spanish Sessions – Portals Nous, Spain and Canary Islands

I visited with Alex`s mom, Romy who is an excellent cook and is so very hospitable. We spoke in Spanglish and I was really surprised at how easily we could understand each other. I was remembering words I forgot I knew and began chattering incessantly about just about anything just to see how far it would go. The only thing was that I kept messing up and speaking Argentine with the “shah” sound instead of the proper “ya” where “ll” is concerned. Confundo? Me too. read more

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Return of the Sand Monster – Portals Nous, Spain and Canary Islands

I woke up refreshed with my cat by my side. I worked for a while then decided it was time to take in some sun. I located my swimsuit and was off like a shot. The beach only takes about 10 minutes to walk to and is all downhill. I climbed down the cement stairs down to the sand and found a spot. It was not busy at all and those that were there looked like locals. I overheard a few French, German and English tourists but I think we are well into low season. read more

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Island Living – Palma de Mallorca, Spain and Canary Islands

Today, I had a conference call for work then Alex and Romy had some appointments in town (Palma) so I tagged along with them. While they were busy, I took a stroll down towards the center. One thing I have noticed in Spain is the care that they take in their sidewalks. The stones are almost always arranged in some interesting design and even different colors. I remember noticing the one in Alicante was Q-Bert style and very optical illusionary. Sometimes they are just simple patterns but obviously made with care and thought. read more

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Un Viaje a el Mercado y Clase de Cocina – Palma de Mallorca, Spain and Canary Islands

This morning we woke up early and went to the market. It was the perfect day for it as it was overcast and not very warm. The market is inside a big warehouse type building with lots of booths and stalls set up. The way that they arrange the fruit is spectacular with the vibrant colors and interesting displays. We went up and down the rows of expectant vendors taking note of any especially good deals. I got chastised for touching a cherimoya…I guess you are not supposed to touch, feel or poke read more

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Instant Friends…Just Stir and Enjoy – Portals Nous, Spain and Canary Islands

A few days ago, I had contacted a few people who are living in Mallorca that I had found from a couple travel websites. I was supposed to go out with them on Wednesday but didn`t end up going. But the funny thing was that somehow these people all met each other anyway. I guess they were all in the pub and had somehow ended up talking and in the conversation my name came up…they couldn`t believe it! I haven`t even met these people but they all have me in common. Funny. read more

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Bored of the Bar Scene – Palma de Mallorca, Spain and Canary Islands

Today, I finally booked my ticket out of Mallorca and into Sevilla. I got a direct flight which is better than waiting 5 hours in the Barcelona airport which is what I thought was going to happen. I spent most of the day working and resting up, taking small breaks to sit in the sun.

I taught Alex (I am still trying to decide whether to nickname him Gimpy or Hopper because of his bum leg) how to make fish in a lemon white wine sauce and we ate it along with roasted vegetables. I lazed around a bit more then made a yummy apple crumble that didn`t turn out as crumbly as I would have liked but still tasted good. read more

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