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The Game Plan

The plan as much as there is one, is this:

I fly from Edmonton to Ottawa where I spend a few days meeting with TravelPod, my new employer. Yes, the company that owns the website I blogged on. Long story short: They got to know me through my travelogue and thought it would be cool to have me onboard. Who knew a blog could be a form of resume? I also get to see the capital city of my country for the first time. read more

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Wardrobe Wars

I was all worried about it for so long and it ended up only taking a day. Now I sit here in my empty room surrounded by a pile of clothes and doodads which are all competing for room in my backpack. There is not much space in there so things are getting pretty cut throat. I hear my favorite shorts bickering with my newly acquired scort (short skirt which has built in shorts). read more

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Last Minute Moments – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I have officially said my goodbyes after several more get togethers with friends. I have been getting the groove of my new job and am really starting to enjoy it. I have been working quite a bit and my nephews have gotten a little frustrated, noting that I am always on the computer or sleeping. I have been trying to make sure that we spend some quality time especially with reading them bedtime stories. I even got them glow-in-the-dark stars to hang from their ceiling so that they may start their Dream Garden. I got them all signed up for boy scouts and today we got their outfits. They are getting more and more excited now that they understand a little better what its about. read more

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Ready, Set…. – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

That`s it that`s all. I am all packed up and ready to go. I fit it all with room to spare and not just a little. I have begun to master traveling light especially with all those memories of trudging around with too much stuff. Ah yes, I know better.

Today was cold, rainy and very windy. Luckily, I didn`t have to leave the house with all my errands done yesterday. I puttered around packing and repacking, sorting and repackaging, stuffing and prioritizing. My sister watched me run around in my underwear trying on this pair of pants and that pair or shorts until I came up with the right combinations. I got it all into my old backpack and a smaller new pack which will be my “office.” read more

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Fly Away Little Bird – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I am sitting on the plane, listening to music on my laptop and getting myself up to speed with TP. Sitting next to me is an older Polish woman who speaks very little English and is now sleeping. Next to her, (ofcourse I am in the window seat) is a couple of business men who are watching street breakdancing clips on a laptop. The “young guy” at his office uploads them so he can watch them at his leisure. They seem to be at least 50 so it`s quite comical to listen to them using terms like Cool and Awesome. read more

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Quality Ingredients – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I woke up early for my conference call beating the wake up call (score!) and made some tea. The call went well and it was a nice backdrop to have downtown Ottawa come alive before my very eyes. It is a very clean place and Martin told me that they have special people who get paid (our tax dollars) to keep it “pretty.” read more

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On Top of the World (or at least Canada anyway) – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Here I am in the 19th floor of the Westin gazing out over my nations` capital. I have a stunning view of the Rideau Canal and Parliament Hill. The tall rock clock tower says it`s just past midnight. The under lit Canada flag on the top is waving in the wind which happens to be in the perfect direction to give me the best view. read more

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The TravelPod Training Program – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I woke well rested and got to work. I didn`t have to go far in fact I worked from my bed for a while until the spirit moved me to get out. Then I plugged along in the kitchen area all day because it was raining and pouring. I drank lots of tea and enjoyed myself until I started getting a little stir crazy. I began trying to think of names for my laptop…Luckily, Luc was online and rescued me from my working stupor by inviting me for a pint. He and Andrea came to fetch me so they could inspect some of my every so handy packing gear and my carryon size backpack. read more

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With and Without Words – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Came upon some fire twirling video that I had stored away on a cd…thought you might enjoy. My friend Paul and I spun for hours that night at this is the tail end of it.

So I worked most of the day then headed over to Luc and Andreas for dinner. We had a lovely pad thai followed by fruit and ice cream for dessert. They spoiled me after hearing about my upcoming protein powder plan. We watched a movie called Baraka and well, all I can say is, there are no words for it. No words. read more

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Taking my Office on the Road – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Today I woke up and got to meet more of my new workmates. They all showed up just as the coffeemaker exploded on me. It was comical but I was finally able to tame the beast. I had a few meetings and explored some new ideas which seem to be popping up like mushrooms. I am really grateful to spend some time learning business from Martin and the inner workings of TravelPod from Luc. They are really good teachers and communicate their skills effortlessly. read more

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