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Chance of a Lifetime

You say that I`m lucky for all that I`ve got
Be careful, my friend, who desires my lot
If you covet my prize then consider the cost

Observe both what I`ve won as well that which I`ve lost
Jealousy on the success earned by others
Stifles potential, empowerment smothers
So high and so mighty you sit there and judge
Come down from the sidelines,bring with you your grudge
What makes me so special, so different from you?
The fact that I try not, the fact that I do read more

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Touchdown – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I was quite stressed in the days before I was to go home. I know that its pretty normal but I just kept thinking about all I was about to face. It has been two years since I have been home. I went back for a few days back in December but it was so short I blinked and I was already gone. This time I would have to deal with mounds of paperwork, inquisitive friends, expectant family, not to mention introducing my new beau to my world. I was so nervous that everyone would want a piece of me and that by the end there would be nothing left. read more

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Nerves – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

As soon as we left the plane I could notice a difference in the air. Perhaps it was the 20 hours of flying but I just couldn’t get enough of the familiar fresh clean pureness into my lungs. As we made our way through the airport Max commented on how new and clean everything was. I had to stop him from taking pictures…it was just the airport after all. Boy was he in for a treat. read more

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Back to reality with NOT the greatest of ease – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

After the initial welcome back hugs (how come hugs from kids are the best?) we tried to have a nap to put some sanity back into our heads. It was really hot but we managed to sleep a bit. I woke to an empty house and wandered around in a daze when I remembered that I had a few suitcases stored out in the garage with my `stuff`. Suddenly I got an excited burst of energy as I padded my way out to unbury my hidden treasure. Any backpacker will tell you how exciting it is to get a new thing, even if its just a new toothbrush. I guess its the fact that you don`t have much and what you do have you know inside out. read more

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I said NO PRETZELS! – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I remember the horrible commute I used to make every weekend when I worked down in Calgary. I hated staying there on the weekends because I didn’t know anyone and found Calgarians very unfriendly. Funny that I had to travel around the world to make friends there but now it seems I have more friends in Calgary than Edmonton. So our first stop was to see Kelly, who I met in Egypt last year and was now just settling into her new home and job. It turned out to be a Dahab reunion as Danny, the Brit we met there, was motorbiking across Canada and pulled into Hotel Kelly just days before we did. read more

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Family Tree

If I could choose to be a tree
I`d want you planted next to me
We`d keep each other company
Two better friends you`d never see

We`ll share the moon
We`ll share the sun
We`ll name the stars
We`ll have such fun
We`ll grow until our growings done
We`ll root together, love as one

A tree for you
A tree for me
Bonded in eternity
Of all the things I`d choose to be?
I`d choose you as my family read more

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Roughing it – Kananaskis Country, Alberta, Canada

So the next day we spent at the wedding which turned out beautifully .The weather cooperated with blue skies and barely any wind. It was an unconventional wedding where the brides brother got a `day` licence to marry them. Also there was no head table and we were delighted to find that we were seated with Jayne and Arn. We danced and made lots of new friends…everyone was interested in how Max and I met and how it was living in Argentina. I even created a new drink with the bartender and by the end of the night everyone was drinking the sweet yet potent `carmella`s. read more

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Conveniences cause sacrificial effects – Banff, Alberta, Canada

We decided to make a few side trips into `town` and I came to a sad realization. Before I left Canada, the small cute mountain town of Banff was well on its way to becoming a tourist trap. Altho they have capped (strict laws to control any new contruction including residential) new permits, it appears to have come too late. read more

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Stampede, storms and sore feet – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

After hiding out in the woods for a time we decided to venture back into civilization. We drove back to Calgary and stopped in to visit my friend Matt (from South Africa and Hungary). He was just trying to adjust to getting back into the `life` and had just moved into his new digs. We reminisced about old times and he showed me some of his photos from way back when in Cintsa. Then we met up with his sister and all made our way down to the stampede grounds. read more

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Wrap up my life once again – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

On the way back to Edmonton we decided to take a detour to visit Drumheller. This is where the dinosaurs are and its located in the `badlands`. I wondered why after living only two hours away for 25 years of my life I had never visited this place. `Dinosaur Country` famed for one of the worlds largest fossil collections at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology. read more

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