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Going Home to Canada – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Today I gave my first directions. In Spanish. Castellano actually, because they are different. Instead of the ‘y’ sound the ‘ll’ is supposed to make, here in Argentina they pronounce it ‘sh’. You know your really settling into a place when you give someone directions. It felt good. Really good. We are well into otoño (autumn) and the temperature is beginning to reflect that. read more

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Passing time – Buenos Aires, Argentina

I suppose I have a lot of time to think. Perhaps I should be coming up with much more profound and intellectual thoughts but they seem to be quite simple. I shall post them anyway. It will give a snapshot of my world at this moment. Things that I notice:

·When the baker waves as I walk by, even tho I have only been there once.

·The little girl re-selling packets of tissue examines the peso suspiciously to make sure its not counterfeit. read more

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