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So living in Argentina…hum. I would have never thought this is how life would feel. So comfortable. Sitting in the park where the kitties are everywhere basking in the sun, stretching out over my Spanish book.

The weather varies quite a lot and today is rainy but not just. Claps of thunder and lumination. The sky is usually quite blue the hot sun taking only a brief leave behind the snow puff clouds. Just like the flag. The trees are of such bouquet and I actually smell the seasons changing. read more

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The long drive to the lake – Lake Alumin

Our first trip together and we were both really looking forward to it. I spent the week preparing minidiscs filled with great music for the long drives around the provinces of southeastern Argentina.

On Friday evening, Max came home from work to fetch me and we were off. We were sitting in the very front of the very top of the double decker bus so we had a terrific view for the 15 hour ride. Funny thing that within the first few minutes of our journey, we ended up discussing all the `unpleasants` getting them out of the way. We needed to have a `talk` to clear the muddled air of all the residue built up from the smog of the big city. Once all those cards were out of the way, we were smooth sailing for the rest of the week. read more

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Waterski Woes – Lago Alumine, Argentina

The next morning, Max and I crept downstairs just before the crack of dawn while the rest of the house was still in dreamland. We prepared tea and honey toast then went down to the dock to watch the sunrise.

I inhaled the crisp and refreshing lake air while listening to the various wildlife come alive creating a symphony of nature. The glasslike lake reflected the pink lit mountains which were enchanting with lines of cloud cutting through. We snuggled closer sipping our hot tea as the sun crept over the horizon sending rays shooting through the sky. read more

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Sulphuric Thermal Baths and Snow Storms – Copahue, Argentina

After arriving home at 3am, we proceeded to sleep in until 3 the next day, at which time we loaded up the truck and were off. Andres lent us his truck for a few days so that we could go exploring around the province. The only catch was that the truck was erm, shall we say, temperamental. Max never really has to drive in the city, so this is the first time I have seen him behind the wheel. read more

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Carmella the waterskiing, bowling, fisherwoman – Nuequen, Argentina

After picking up Andres, our attempts to drive back to the lake were thwarted by a very uncooperative truck. We ended up stuck for hours while they tried to fix it. Car stuff bores me so I smelled the roses instead…literally. I found a some gorgeous flowers in some gardens nearby and since Max was preocupado with the fixing of the truck, I had time to play photographer. read more

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