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Girl from Ipanema – Leblon, Brazil

It was one of the only sunny days I got in Brazil but I made good use of it. Vani and I wandered down (a whole block away) to the beach. The beach graduates from Copacabana (which despite its popularity is quite disappointing really with all its rubbish layered in the sand), Ipanema (a little less touristy) to Leblon (where the more posh locals hang). read more

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Carnaval not quite – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

After switching apartments from Copacabana to Leblon where things were a little bit less crowded, I took things pretty easy. I mean aside from the beach day I really only had one other big night out.

I was quite disappointed when I tried to go to the Sambodromo where things were just a little too hectic. That night after hitting wall after wall, we ended up just wandering down the beach. I was in a terrible mood so I really thought a walk down the beach feet in the sand by the surf was just what I needed. I ended up stumbling upon a tent set up on the beach playing decent music. After a headstrong debate on whether to stay or go, we ended up chatting with a few people then finding out it was a gay party. We chatted a bit making a few friends so I guess the whole night wasn’t a complete write off. read more

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What kind of story is it? – Buenos Aires, Argentina

A long time ago, when I first started travelling, I would get asked often what I wrote in my book. I never really knew what to say.

Is it a journal? A planner or book of lists? Is it a diary? Is it a address book? Perhaps a book of poems and reflections? Was it to be an atlas with all these hand drawn maps? Maybe a yearbook with advice and sweet notes from friends who had hijacked my book to leave their mark? Could it be a sketchbook or a doodlepad? read more

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Max and Me – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Well now. Where was I? Or perhaps, where am I? Somehow I made it through that 42 hour bus ride without proper food or sleep. The last leg was the worst when the person sitting beside me decided to elbow me out of my past-drowsy state to fight me for the armrest. When I finally decided to pull back the curtain and quit the broken attempts to rest, I found that the sun was beaming down with such an intensity. read more

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Tiesto Trance Techno Trippin – Buenos Aires, Argentina

If you would have told me that I would be going to see Tiesto in South America in 2001 when I started listening to him, I would have laughed in your face. When tickets went on sale, it was a no brainer. Long ago, I stumbled upon some of his stuff which was my introduction to electronic music. Max and I downloaded a bunch of his mixes so that we could get pumped up for that Saturday, not that we needed any help. read more

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