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Its getting hot in here… – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Well, I am pretty much stuck here in Buenos Aires. It`s not a bad thing tho as I this is quickly becoming one of my favorite cities. There is so much to do here. If you want it you must surely be able to find it.

It`s really easy to get around and taxis are relatively cheap. The only real annoyance is that they seem to like to take you on wild goose chases alot. And they never know where anything is. Or at least this is what they claim when they have to stop and chat with other drivers all the time. read more

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Becoming Argentinian – Buenos Aires, Argentina

I have been in BA for some time now and am really starting to feel like I live here. I have been just soaking in the atmosphere which is filled with a special sort of energy.

I walked along the waterfront in the balmy night air and observing all the lovers whispering on the benches. We visited Recoleta park where there are little trinket stands and tarot card readers. We couldn’t visit the graveyard where Evita is buried because it was closed and the place is surrounded by a high and thick stone wall. There is a mall type gallery which was quite artsy and modern then laid in the grass counting the stars. read more

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Su el Mejor – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Riiiiipppppp! I am finally released from the steel clad hold Buenos Aires cast on me weeks ago. I am just taking a much needed break from the 30 plus temperatures outside. I finally got my stuff together and am moving north. Gotta get to Brazil in time for Carnival so its time to put on my shoes again. I have purposely left the south for later.

Today Louise and I ventured down to the bus station where Leo, our translator, guide and all around sweet guy, helped us sort it all out in a matter of minutes. Some old couple behind us asked us if they could borrow him to help make a phone call. He complied without a second thought.

I really didn`t know if we would get on a bus tonite as hoards have been moving up towards Brazil for the past few weeks. I have a suspicion that I may run into a snag up at the border tho…we

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Chasing waterfalls – Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Louise and I both had a decent time on the Magic bus which took us away from BA to Iguazu Falls which is near the top of Argentina. Ok, it wasn’t really a magic bus but we made it one. It made for a fitful sleep but I could actually feel the temperature rising by the minute the more north we got.

We checked into our hotel and then took a wander around this tiny little town. Most things were closed as it was the afternoon and I guess they are napping. We picked up a few fruits, veg, cheese and this peculiar sweet potato jelly stuff that Max turned me onto. read more

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Oi! Up for a little soccer? – Copacabana, Brazil

After a ta ta with lovely Louise at the bus station on the Brazilian side of the falls, I was approached by a couple of Israeli guys who wanted to trade bus tickets with me. I was a bit skeptical but decided it was a good day to do a good deed so I agreed to switch to this lesser known company.

Turned out to be the right decision as my new bus was less crowded, less noisy, and not caught up in a drug bust. Also I was surrounded by quite friendly people who were sharing food and playing music. It was a nice intro to Brazil as I sleepily gazed out the window at the hills of forests almost able to see the moisture in the air. read more

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Balancing Brazil – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

After the football, we went out for drinks around the corner from our humble little abode where I proceeded to get a little tipsy after only 3 drinks. I guess my tolerance is down. I ended up pulling my famous disappearing act telling the others that I was going for a walk down the street to decide if I wanted to go to the next bar. Or some messed up excuse like this. read more

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Hey Christ! – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

After the rest, I was ready for the party…but the party never came. Not in my opinion anyway. First, a group of us gathered at the apartment of these guys who apparently just got robbed while they were at the game. We sat around waiting for the others to get back from making their statement at the police station. It seemed that every one was Irish and once again I was astounded by how much accents can change within such a small country. read more

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