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Rainbow New Year – Maui – Hawaii, United States

Hawaii is a place a resisted for a long time because it seemed like the typical honeymoon 80`s holiday spot. But what a sweet surprise. I can`t believe its been so close my whole life.

After the first day, it has been raining the whole time (and how!) but somehow, its not dampening my fun in the least. I mean, the heavy thick clouds billowing across the sky only add to the beauty. The way they drift through and between the mountains (I think they call them the west maui’s or something like this) is almost magical. There are times that the rain has been so heavy that the streets were inches thick in water. read more

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Rain Rain Go Away – Paia, United States

It just won`t let up. It has been pouring down in sheets for the whole week I have been here. I have had a chance to spend time with some pretty cool people tho and learned how to play speed scrabble. As we drove through the town today, seemed the hippy people of Paia have given up on rain gear and are resorting to beachwear anyway.

What`s that saying? Smile even if you are sad and eventually you will get happy? So maybe they think if they dress for the sun, it will come out. That or they just figure they are getting soaked anyway. read more

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Gurgles and Glurps – Los Angeles, California, United States

Just hanging out in Los Angeles enjoying their generic year round weather. Can you believe that as soon as I finished writing that last entry, Liz and I went outside and the sun came out? It seemed to clear up in seconds but it looked stunning with the transparent clouds wafting by.

We stopped at a beach and I thought of what a shame it was that I came all the way to Hawaii and didn`t even go into the ocean. But then the rainbow came out. One of the best yet, I might add. The parking lot to the beach was flooded and we had to do some maneuvering to get past it but it was worth it. read more

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Hola South America – Lima, Peru

Just wanted to drop a quick note that I got here ok. All those warnings about the Lima airport were unnecessary. It went as smooth as butter. I was pleasantly surprised with LanChile as well because I have heard that they are a weak link.

The flight went well expect that I left a sweater and my wallet on the plane and they wouldn`t let me go back to get it. I was a bit concerned because it was about to take off again with my stuff still on it when at the last minute the ground staff brought it to me. Phew. read more

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Dirt piles – Lima, Peru

So I told you I was going paragliding but the wind was not up so a small group of us hopped in a cab and went to the ruins instead. As we walked up on it, I thought it was just a giant dirt pile until I noticed the tiny brick-like make up. Kinda like a really messy and uneven attempt at pyramids but spread out in a whole village going for miles. read more

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Paragliding – Lima, Peru

Next day after sleeping in, we found out that the wind was up allowing us to go paragliding. After being strapped in front of a non English speaking instructor, the wind briskly swept us away.

We sailed through the clear blue sky and I was in awe at how peaceful it was. Looking down over the Lima coastline and over the huge city sprawl boasting patches of green. I heard some beep beep beeping in my ear and looked back to find my instructor sending an SMS to someone. I guess to him this is just another day on the job, nothing special, cept that we were hundreds of meters high. read more

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Hola Mi Amigo – Lima, Peru

I am just hanging out in the aeropuerto waiting for my flight. I got here way too early and internet is cheap (4 soles per hour for a great connection) so I thought i would catch up.

Over the last few days, I spent alot of time just hanging about. I walked around Barranco a bit (which is one of the nicer parts of Lima) and hung out at the hostel. They have hammocks and I found one of them particularly comfy. I played Spanish Monopolio and worked on my aim with the dart board. read more

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Antster Island – Rapa Nui, Chile

I left Lima and flew into Santiago which surprised me by looking like a very modern and clean city…but then I was only in the airport. I waited around the three hours for my next flight and noticed I was getting sicker and sicker.

There was this guy in front of me in the massive passport control line in Lima who was sneezing all over me. Who has a passport control on the way OUT of their country anyway? Whatever. I was sniffling and sneezing all until I boarded the plane for Rapa Nui. The flight was pretty uneventful as I had already watched all the movies that were on offer that looked remotely interesting. read more

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Rapa Nui – Easter Island, Chile

I wandered into a hotel that I decided was worth splurging on as I had been through as much trauma as I could deal with for a day. I was lucky that the lady took some serious pity on me, making me some lemon tea and sorting me out nicely.

I ended up sleeping for the better part of the next few days and hanging out by the pool for the other part. I wandered around the town but I really didn`t feel very good reception. I watched a football (soccer) game then perched myself on a rock to stargaze for a while. As well, I went to see the Moai at sunset and it was stunning but not so much to make me stay for any longer. read more

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PDA Central – Santiago, Chile

I arrived into Santiago and was really impressed with how easy it was to get from the airport into the city. They have this bus called the Centropuerto which took me only blocks away from my hostel and only cost 1000. That’s about 2 dollars.

I wandered down the street which was lined with historical looking tall buildings and leafy trees. I was happy that it was hot but not too hot. I spent the first few days hanging around this park a block away, people and tree watching. read more

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