Losing sleep in London – London, United Kingdom

The first thing I noticed when I got to London was how chilly things had gotten since the last time I was in town. I am so not prepared for cold weather so I bundled up in as many of my clothes as I could and set out. I thought about how confused my thermostat would be after keeping my head and skin covered in Egypt (sweating through the heat) and now this.

I smiled as I watched the autumn unfolding before me as I zoomed to the city on the tube. How nostalgic is the tube after being away for a time? As I trod through the streets, I thought about how strange it is to feel this air and climate. I haven`t been in winter (I mean snow and cold) for years now. My whole idea was to follow the sunny heat but things are about to change drastically over the next few weeks.

I made some friends in the coffeeshop around the corner from Adam`s house before we headed out for yet another night out in Londontown. So it was Canadian/Aussie nite as we hopped from bar to bar ending up at a place called Living. At first, I wasn`t thrilled with the vibe or the music but in no time at all, things picked up and I was having a blast. It was a smaller place than I am used to frequenting in London but I had a great time and by the time it was time to leave, I felt like I had met the whole bar.

We stopped by the corner store on the way home and convinced a strange girl, holding a beer trying to decide on chocolate, to come home with us. Jono played bartender and Adam entertained us with his Scot act. Renee and I invented a cheeky new martini while Harri wondered how she ended up at some strangers house entering the “danger zone” at 9am. We had the heavy red drapes closed so it felt like night all along and besides, it was overcast and drizzling in the real world outside.

Finally at 1-ish, the others crashed out after the last of the drinking games and I ventured out to meet Sonya and Andy for lunch at the Maple Leaf. As we walked through Covent Garden, I remembered how it feels to be in the holiday spirit which balances that nip in the air. It didn`t hit me until the way home that I hadn`t gotten any sleep since waking on Thursday. I wondered how wrecked I looked to the other passengers on the tube. I closed my eyes instead of scaring people with my grinning games and drifted off until my stop was up.

Ended up at a birthday party at the Funky Budda that night and but ducked out early (3am early) as I had a flight to catch in a few hours. Wandering around the streets near Picadilly Circus looking for my bus I began to feel a little out of sorts. I couldn`t believe how the amount of light in the sky just doesn`t seem to affect the amount of people in this place.

I packed my stuff and grabbed a couple of hours of sleep before barely making it to my flight. I ended up in the wrong terminal and luckily (thanks to travelling light and not having to check anything) I was able to board at the last minute as I rocked up 20 minutes before take off. Phew.

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