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Losing sleep in London – London, United Kingdom

The first thing I noticed when I got to London was how chilly things had gotten since the last time I was in town. I am so not prepared for cold weather so I bundled up in as many of my clothes as I could and set out. I thought about how confused my thermostat would be after keeping my head and skin covered in Egypt (sweating through the heat) and now this. read more

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Brrr in Budapest – Budapest, Hungary

I skipped Hungary on a whim the first time I was in Europe in favor of the floods (Czech and Germany 2002), so I thought I would give it another go. The airport people were helpful but couldn`t give me the information I needed. I had the location of the hostel in my email but since there is no internet at the airport, I was out of luck. read more

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Bribary anyone? – Budapest, Hungary

The next morning, Matt and I walked around town but I didn`t want to wear runners (trainers or running shoes) so I wore my sandals. I know it was cold out but my feet didn`t feel like being constricted. Anyway, I can`t tell you how many looks I got from old ladies, kids, basically whoever was looking down at the ground. My red painted toenails. Well, that`s one way to get their attention and shock them into smiling. One guy almost got into an accident from the triple take from his car. read more

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Cakes and Bathtime – Budapest, Hungary

When I arrived in Budapest, on the way to my hostel, I spotted several delectable bakeries that I vowed to return to later. The problem was that it seemed that they disappeared because when I went to find them, they were no where. So began the bakery hunt. read more

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Planes Trains and Automobiles – Andover, United Kingdom

After the uneventful plane ride, (save for the exceptionally rude British Air staff) I trained my way over to Andover just in time for a fancy dress Christmas party at Andy`s work. Sonya picked me up and since we were running late I had to change in the car. I wiggled my way into a fairy godmother costume all the while listening to select tunes from my favorite Canadian bands. Thank you DJ Sonya. read more

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First Class Flying – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I walked onto the plane and YAY! I was immediately upgraded to first class. I was sitting in the very front in the very first seat. Some of the things that are exclusive to first class are: gigantic seats that turn into beds at the touch of a button, crisp white table cloths covering your own personal table complete with salt and pepper grinders, a menu with items such as veal and salmon and the yummiest chocolatiest pudding…mmm. Not one but two big fluffy pillows, a video player in your seat where you can rewind or pause your movie of choice, and futuristic blue mood lighting. There is even a window in the bathroom. I know that no one could see in but I couldn`t help but feel strange. read more

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I love surprises – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Cort and Stacy greeted me at the airport and all of a sudden it was like I`d never left. I was not prepared for the gust of freezing air which all but knocked me over when I stepped outside. Winter is in full swing and it was a strangely cool feeling to hear the crunch of snow beneath my sandaled feet. read more

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Home sweet maple syrupy Home – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I really didn’t remember how precious home is and its really the little things that seem to mean the most. The fact that I can have hugs as often as I like and lets face it, mom hugs are just the best. We had a bit of a stand off because she was trying to make me food and take care of me and all I wanted to do was exercise my domestic muscles. It`s so good to feel useful again. So we compromised but I still felt weird when she cleaned and folded all my laundry. read more

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When home is just another stop along the way – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

My dad lent me his car to do some running around and I was pleased to see that I had not forgotten how to drive, even in subzero temperatures with icy streets. The city itself had not changed a whole lot with the exception of a few new roads and stores. read more

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Stress Bisciuts – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Going home for just under a week was really a blast from the past. It`s like pushing a pause button because life just seems just as I left it. Minor adjustments here and there I suppose but overall, it really shook me into noticing how different I have been living for the past year and a half. I enjoyed the responsibilities and familiarity and creature comforts I used to have….for about 3 days. read more

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