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Happy Halloween – Karen, Kenya

So Halloween morning it was pouring cats and dogs. I sat in the classroom with the kids and watched some boring program. After I went to Cottage G and read the story of Jonah to the hyper kids. I had to punish Beatrice who then cried. After the story, she was major clingy and wouldn`t leave me alone. Whats with these kids? There`s really something to the punishing the kids to show you love them. read more

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Field Trips – Nairobi, Kenya

Saturday I cleaned all morning and was in a great mood. Sat nite we watched movies. Then on Sunday we piled into the Rav4 and headed to the Rusty Nail. I was a bit excited as I had heard so many rave reviews of this place. I had the Carrot and Ginger Soup and then a bite of the camembert cheese (which tastes like blue like every cheese here) and red current jelly. Then I ate Roast beef and mashed potatoes and yorkshire pudding. It was ok but nothing great really. The dessert was toffee pudding which was sooooo good and worth the trip. read more

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Give or take – Cairo, Egypt

I was living at an orphanage with 100 HIV positive orphans in East Africa for the last two months. My place was in the preschool classroom teaching 10 amazing 3-5 year olds. Together we sang, counted, played, drew, painted, colored, created, built, walked, ran, laughed, cried and learned. This is an experience that I will definitely expand on one day… read more

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Pyramids – Giza, Egypt

After a really emotional sendoff from my students (who saw me crying in the van and started singing me all the songs we had sung together over the last few months, including the alphabet), I boarded my plane.

I had a really nice chat with a Sudanese girl sitting beside me who reassured me that Sudan is not so dangerous as everyone thinks. Infact, she said its really quite the opposite which makes it pretty boring for a young person to grow up in. Then I met Christine who works in Cairo at the American embassy. She invited me to come visit her family and turns out they were celebrating Thanksgiving! So I got to enjoy a traditional dinner (They even let me carve the turkey!) complete with the bird (Gilbert, her husband is African and kept calling it the “animal”), stuffing and pumpkin pie. read more

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Leisurely Luxor – Luxor, Egypt

I visited the Egyptian Museum which seems to be the other major thing to do in Cairo but then I remembered that I am not too much of a museum kinda girl. So I did the basics which included seeing mummies, shrines, ancient jewellery, tombs and lots of rocks. I ended up sitting and writing for sometime.

As I was meandering through, I saw a beautiful woman cleaning the display cases. I couldn`t take my eyes off her. She had the most amazing eyes and I was transfixed. Then the weirdest thing happened. She walked over to me and a little shy told me in broken English that she thought I was beautiful. read more

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Getting Bugged – Luxor, Egypt

My last day in Egypt was spent at the Karnak Temple admiring the sheer size and detail of it all. The area this complex covers is massive and it took me half the day just to get my head around it.

The Hypostyle Hall is architecturally amazing and I just sat there for an hour staring up at monster columns trying to interpret the scenes displayed. I wandered around the site climbing over rocks and exploring the hundreds of random rooms. I tried to imagine how magnificent the place would have been back in its day, full splendor. I gazed up at the markings and was completely overwhelmed at how much information is contained within these walls. read more

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