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Thats what friends are for – Andover, United Kingdom

Well there is certainly something to be said for old friends. I haven`t really seen anyone from home for over a year and well, it was a real treat to be able to meet up with some here in England. I missed my best friends` wedding a few months ago so I was quite excited to spend some quality time with her and her new husband. It`s so weird to think of her as Sonya the wife. I am so used to thinking of her as Sonya the crazy fun chick who has way too much insurance on me. read more

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Sunday Session – East London, United Kingdom

After a very relaxing week of unwinding I made my way back into London to get wound up again. As I sat on the bus I looked out the window at the baby blue sky crisscrossed and spotted with white puffy clouds. It looked like massive clawmarks through the atmosphere with the amount of jet trails that scraped their way to Heathrow. It was kind of like daytime shooting stars in slow motion. read more

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Tube Tactics – Ilford, United Kingdom

I went for yummy lunch yesterday with Kam and wandered around Ilford all the afternoon people watching. It`s really like a different world when I meet up with fellow travellers who are now back into their regular routine. But one thing is for sure, it seems once you have travelled it all you can think about. Every day is working towards your next adventure. read more

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Settling in – London, United Kingdom

So I thought there were no stars in London. I stand corrected. Almost every night this week I could look up high in the sky spotting Mars and several of the brightest stars. Granted not the multitude you can see from the countryside but the lovely people and experiences I have been having have compensated showing me stars closer to the ground. read more

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Total Mayhem – London, United Kingdom

Julie, Brian, and I headed out on the tube down to Brixton to check out The Fridge, one of London`s best clubs. I didn`t make it here last year so I made sure that I took a trip down to the end of the Victoria line. This Friday night we would check out Total Mayhem, an event similar to Gatecrasher (see entry 27).

It was only 11:15 and the place was just beginning to fill so I got a really good idea of the set up. Everything pretty much fans out from the stage with little passageways heading into secret rooms (some are called chill out rooms because they either have quieter slower music or none at all…good to catch your breath) all over the place. By the end of the night I still hadn’t found all of them despite my diligent exploring. read more

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London Living – London, United Kingdom

It has been a hurry hurry stop kind of few weeks. There was a cold bug making its way around finally making its way into my head which floored me for a few days. I didn’t mind too much altho I was pretty isolated and the only thing I could do really was sleep and read.

I jumped the gun a bit and tried to go down to busy shopping mecca Oxford Street to do a bit of perusing but after only an hour I began to fade and fast! I started feeling like my head was going to float away from my clammy body and things looked and sounded fuzzy. I then realized I hadn’t eaten. Aha! That must be it! read more

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Tube Trouble – London, United Kingdom

Friday was full on as I met up with Elliot from Oz (who I annoyed all night with my ET jokes) and then met up for dinner with my Ilford housemates. We ate noodles (freshly squeezed juice; apple orange and carrot layers for the undecided type like me) and took family photos before I headed down to Fulham Broadway to meet up with Ted. He and his mates were well into the sauce by the time I had arrived and had accumulated several “souvenirs” commemorating Mr. Jack Daniels` birthday. read more

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Canadiana (not Canadia) – London, United Kingdom

So I met up with Sonya and Andy then with Mark, Sam, Jason and Susan and we all made our way down to the Thames River for some mayors` festival. We ended up getting just a little confused and lost but somehow finally got there where there were heaps of little booths selling everything from food to jewellery to used books to clothing to well, you name it. read more

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Into Israel – Tel Aviv, Israel

Just a quick note that I landed safe and soundly in Tel Aviv. I was just in time for the beautiful bright sun heavily ascending over the horizon splashing rays of intense peach hues through the spots of morning cloud. I am exhausted from the night flight so I will write more when my head is less fuzzy.

Oh by the way, as I was running for my flight last night I past by a duty free electronics store just as they were shutting and thought, what the heck, why not just “look”. Well, needless to say, they had a digital camera sale happening. I ended up making the split decision to buy yet another (this is number 3 now), vowing this time to be more careful. I noticed that there was one camera that was waterproof but I just opted for the guarantee instead. So more pics to come…yay!

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Suck and Blow – Tel Aviv, Israel

My last few days in London were spent relaxing in Chelsea at Adams` house, reminiscing about the first taste of the fine white powder as you fly down the slope. I am not a hard core skier but poor Adam misses this the most about Canada. I headed to Andover to see Sonya and Andy one last time before heading back to good ol` Heathrow.
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