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Observations – Cintsa, South Africa

Frozen hot sun
Burning cold moon
Harden soft clouds
Midnight meets noon

Footsteps melting shadowed sand
Broken money heavied hands

Advance still wave hills
Retreat move crest oceans
Lifetime a moment
Fast forward slow motion

Slice two through the mountain
Flow river sea fountain

Dolphins shoot through
Like bullets through barrels
We all know the words
Sing sweet nature carols read more

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Movin On – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

So can you believe it…I finally left Buccs. It was not an easy task especially because I kept getting pulled away from my packing to have pancakes or drinks. By the afternoon, my tummy was not happy and I was dreading saying the goodbyes. I have really found some special people here and the experiences will stay with me for a long time.

Yummy succulent suppers Sal created and spectacular Scrabble tourneys accompanied by big hugs around every corner. Sweet surfer Simon taught me how to stand up on a surfboard with bubblegum flavoured wax. Even tho I got hit in the face with the board I had to persist and it did pay off. read more

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Bad Day – Jo`Berg, South Africa

Warning: This is not an uplifting or inspiring entry so if you have a weak stomach, turn away. If you are having a nice day, you may not want to spoil it. But if you are having a really crap day week or month like me, then read on baby, cuz misery loves company.

Well, the flight went ok for the most part. I mean, it was only about an hour so how bad could it have been. First thing that went wrong is when I walked up the wrong passageway to get out and realized it after about 5 mins of walking. I felt a little silly as I tried the locked door. I felt alot silly when I turned around and found that I had quite a large following. About 30 people (sheep) herded back down the plankway grumbling and groaning. read more

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See ya South Africa – Pretoria, South Africa

This is my last night in South Africa and I am a bit sad. I am sitting in front of this screen eating pizza and listening to my minidisc as loud as I possibly can to drown out the TV in the background that everyone here is transfixed by. Since leaving the coast things have been pretty blase and I have been spending alot of time alone. Sometimes by choice but more so because there is no one really that I have found to connect with. read more

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Writers Block? – Pretoria, South Africa

Lets face it. Anyone who has ever tried to keep a journal knows that there are days that you just don`t feel like writing. And then you get stuck thinking that if you start that then you have to catch up on three – four – how many days? It just seems too overwhelming so you put it off till you :
a. have more time
b. feel more inspired
c. can remember what you`ve been doing
d. can find a pen
e. insert lame excuse here read more

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South Africa Summary – South Africa, South Africa

Animals and sea life (cheeky monkeys and sleek dolphins), school uniforms (black white or colored – they wear the same clothes), savannah and amarula (two of carmellas favorite local drinks), Howz it? Lekker man. (Standard greeting) Rooibos (Herbal tea found everywhere here), Biltong (dried meat like beef jerky), Townships (strong reminder of the not so far off past and all the work that still needs to be done) read more

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Cookie Time – Nairobi, Kenya

I had the terrible grumpy unhelpful meanies all the way up until I boarded the plane in Joberg. I mean, problem after problem. It was ridiculous really and I was starting to wonder if I was on candid camera or something. Anyway, I felt tired, worn, hungry and spent as I plopped myself down on the stuffy plane thankful that at least there was no one sitting near me so I could stretch out and try and sleep it off. Nothing doin. I just wasn`t tired and who could sleep in this heat anyway. read more

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Angels – Nairobi, Kenya

I met lovely Nirali and Ritchie in Buccaneers when I spotted them fire twirling on the beach one night.It was after this brief meeting that they invited me to visit them in Nairobi when I arrived. As I gazed out of the window of the older model car taxing me to their home, I noticed that this city was very different from anywhere I have been so far. It was dark but things were noticeably poorer, dirtier and there was a more desperate feel in the air. read more

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Safari Time – Masai Mara, Kenya

I spent some quality time with my friends fire twirling under the full moon and dining on sumptuous seafood. We speculated where in the world we would meet up again. I donned Indian garb (saari) and attended a Indian wedding with Nirali`s family where I learned that these things can take days! We sat for hours while the man conducting it kept throwing spices into a fire and singing and stuff. Also they had to hold up a huge sheet while they held hands under it for part of the ceremony. Apparently it is forbidden to show public affection but then why was it required that they hold hands? read more

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To Europe to catch the wave (heat wave that is) – Nairobi, Kenya

I don`t have anything very interesting to say today. I am just sitting in this internet cafe trying to sort out what is next. I have gotten a bunch of emails from people saying that they are getting blank emails from me…this is very possible as things are a bit technologically behind here. Keep in mind that I am not in the habit of sending out junk mail so you will just have to know that it was the thought that counts. I really did spend about 4 hours writing emails to you guys. The phones are also very temperamental and only work when they feel like it. read more

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