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Meeting New Playmates – Greymouth, New Zealand

We decided to hit the Nelson market which was trendy and quite cute. I really liked the guy who makes the toy planes out of aluminum cans. You know what they say about one mans` junk being another mans` treasure.

Next, Mirium, Erin and I drove down to Greymouth and checked into the Global Village backpacker. Here I am sure we annoyed the very patient and accommodating owner to no end by switching our rooms so many times. The whole place is decorated in a global theme with tons of African read more

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Gloworms and Waterfalls – Fox Glacier, New Zealand

The drive from Greymouth to the small glacier town of Fox got progressively more impressive by the minute. The land is getting more rugged and tho I thought it would get so much colder, when the sun is shining it heats the air to just the right temperature. We took a gravel sideroad to the red mountains and gazed at the landscape of hills, valleys and flora.

Susanne Nina Kenneth and I arrived into Fox where we were surprisingly upgraded from a dorm to a BIG room. This proved to be a real read more

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Glacier Climbing – Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand

The day started early and we ate a healthy and filling breakfast. Today we are attempting to climb Franz Josef, the worlds` steepest and fastest flowing guided glacier.

We went to the meeting point where we were suited up in fashionable blue Gortex jackets and heavy brown steel toed boots. A thick pair of woolly socks and our ice talonz completed the outfit but not before sticking on some blister tape. This was going to be a long day.

We jumped onto the bus and rode the 10 mins to the read more

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Wanna Come – Wanaka, New Zealand

Arrived into Wakana and found our hostel, Wanaka Bakpaka, which displayed a pair of hiking boots fit for a giant. We checked into our room and then took a walk around. This cute little valley town is nestled into the mountains situated on the edge of the large Lake Wakana.

Every morning, I would wake to the cotton candy clouds just hovering above the looming mountains. The lake could be still as glass except for the wakeboarders and waterskiers then the occasional sailboat disturbing the read more

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Home Sweet Home – Wanaka, New Zealand

Kenneth Sus and I walked up Mount Iron to capture the fantastic views around Wanaka. We arrived back to find a note from Nina informing us she decided to go skydiving today for the first time. These are the kinds of surprises you get when you travel. Kenneth and Sus followed suit the next day and all three of them were positively glowing from the adrenaline rush.

We made a trip to Puzzling World where I was determined to find my way through The Great Maze. I had to prove that even the lost read more

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Adrendaline Junkie Town – Queenstown, New Zealand

So I jumped in the car with Richard and we were off. I said goodbye to all my Danish friends but I know I will see them again…funny how these things happen. Richard dropped me off in Queenstown on a bright and sunny day. Almost immediately, I could feel the energy in this picturesque Alpine-like town. Looking up, there is almost always a para glider or 5 floating down into the valley. Sometimes they would swoop around in loopty loops playing with gravity. So graceful like feathers falling from read more

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Autumn in April – Queenstown, New Zealand

Surprise surprise! I met up with Kenneth and Susanne again which was good because I was looking for some playmates in Queenstown. We experienced the local pub where Susanne tried her luck and won a rafting trip making her happy hour just that much happier.

I did a fireshow for Kevin, Jenny and a few of their motel guests before meeting up with Richard again for our trip down to the Catlins. I was a little nervous because accommodation for the Easter weekend was pretty chock-a-block but read more

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Sea Lions and Rainy Runs – New Haven, New Zealand

Richard picked me up and we were off to the Catlins for the Easter weekend. We drove through towns called Clinton and Gore on the five hour drive. The stretch of highway in between was called – what else – the Presidential Highway. The weather got progressively more stormy the more south we went.

We finally arrived in New Haven, a small sea side community in the southeast corner of the south island of New Zealand. Although the weather was windy and spitting rain, we couldn`t resist taking read more

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Easter Bunny Road Kill – Catlins, New Zealand

Went for a prebreakfast walk to enjoy the seaside by the morning light and although it was chilly, it was still breathtaking. I can imagine it would be the best during the summer on a warm day.

We visited a sea lion family complete with baby frolicking in the water with papa. The mom was keeping close watch only meters away. Perhaps she didn`t want an early stardom for her babe as she threatened to charge at Richard as he snapped his camera.
read more

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In da Car town – Invercargill, New Zealand

After the Catlins, I drove to Invercargill where we finally made it to our hostel. But not before almost killing us in a roundabout…hey, it was going the wrong way! I was shocked at how dead this town was. Where were all the people? The streets were eerily empty so I chalked it up to being a holiday weekend. Everything was closed and there was really not much to do so it was a really good thing that the hostel was comfortable.
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