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Dead Sea Horses – Sydney, Australia

Well, it appears I am back where I began. I am spending some quality time with my dear friends Lauren and Kate whom I discovered first in Rome. We have been doing some good walks and laps in the local pool keeping our bods toned. Lauren makes the best smoothies ever of fresh mango and passion fruit. She has me addicted. There are mango trees everywhere here heavy with the yummy fruit. I am in fruit heaven!

We went to Bronte Beach where the waves were so intense that I almost lost my bikini read more

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Beautiful People – Sydney, Australia

Even though yesterdays entry was not the happiest and uplifting to read, it had to be said. Please note that this is no reflection on my stay here in charming Sydney. I absolutely love it here and I can see why it is one of the worlds` top cities.

I think that life gives you what you can handle. And I really do believe that the people you surround yourself with can really affect the mood of your trip. Today is a WONDERFULLY FANTASTIC day. I am super happy and recharged. I feel as if I hav read more

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Climbing the Harbour Bridge – Sydney, Australia

I woke at 6am and made it into the first group to do the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb the first Monday in the second month in 2003. The worlds` largest steel arch bridge has eight vehicle lanes, two train lines, a foot way and a cycleway. And I was about to climb to the top of it.

It was great fun getting suited up with the latest safety gear and sporty grey suits. We got ear pieces so we could hear our climb leader Bruce give us instructions, info tidbits and the occasional joke. The view o read more

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Shadey Server Scams – Byron Bay and Lennox Head, Australia

Went back to Byron Bay one last time to say goodbye to all the good memories. I arrived and Amys` (Switz, Holland, Spain) sister Kate was waiting for me. We went back to the 1.5 million dollar mansion that she and her friends had totally lucked out on getting for the week.

We had some BBQ parties and went out to experience the local Byron nightlife, something I hadn`t done much last time I was there. Um, and now I know why. I left Byron with Kates` cousins who dropped me off in Lennox Hea read more

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Party right to the Plane – Brisbane, Australia

The train just left Brisbane. My hair is soaked and my heart is still racing. My whole body is pulsing to the bass that danced me like a puppet for the last 5 hours. All my muscles ache but the adrenaline makes me feel like I am floating. I feel so light. I look past my rosy-faced reflection through the glass and see the subtle change in the dark night sky announcing the beginning of a new day. Minute by minute the sun creeps closer and one by one the street lights dim to sleep. This is goodbye read more

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Summary of Australia Sector – Australia, Australia


It`s amazing how three months can go by so quickly and slowly at the same time. There were days in Australia which seemed timeless and others which I couldn`t remember what year I was in, let alone the month or day.

Bryon Bay was my first real stop which was a good pick as three days turned into twelve thanks to some extraordinary individuals who introduced me to Oz properly. My experiences in Bryon helped me to believe that magic really does happen! It is a spiritual ha read more

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New to New Zealand – Auckland, New Zealand

When I finally collapsed into my seat on the plane leaving Brisbane, I was so grateful that no one was seated next to me. It wasn`t long before I was spread out over three seats using the three small blue pillows to cover and cushion my head. I was lulled into a dreamy altered state of consciousness as the adrenaline from my last weekend in Australia waned slowly but surely.

It was a very strange feeling as the plane dipped and cut through the turbulence. I sometimes felt like I was flyin read more

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Ahhh….to breath again – Coromandel, New Zealand

Woke too early (yawn) and jumped on a 7am bus from Auckland heading towards the Coromandel Peninsula all the while enjoying the spectacular scenery. It`s so nice to finally see so much green and lush vegetation. I get a good feeling about New Zealand and already I feel like my whole self has slowed down exponentially.

We arrived into Coromandel and immediately felt relaxed in this small quaint historical town. We wandered to Anchor Lodge Motel/Backpacker and were pleasantly surprised. Th read more

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Krazy Kayaking and Spiritual Smokes – Whitianga, New Zealand

Irene and I caught a ride with Mike to Whitianga where we were blessed with some clear hot sunny days. I fully utilized the sun lying on the beach listening to the waves lap at the shore.

It was quite comical to watch the ever persistent Irene attempt to kayak (free use from the hostel) through the large waves. Just as she was only meters away from smooth sailing, a monster wave crashed over her overturning her boat. It would carry her almost 30 meters back to shore, right back where she read more

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Hot Water Puddle Spas – Hahei, New Zealand

Laughed all the way to Hahei on the windey roller coaster type roads. Irene and I were in a silly mood and it was one of those giggly days. We jumped off the Intercity bus and onto the Loop bus after helping the elderly driver load on cartons of wine she was to deliver to the town restaurant. We never did eat there but the Church Restaurant happens to be in an old church converted into a lodge and restaurant. Someone joked about sleeping in a church and we thought that was funny. Hey, lots of peopl read more

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