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Holiday Happenings – Melbourne, Australia

G`Day Mate! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I have given myself a little break from the writing and updates as we all need some downtime every now and then. I have been catching up on some much needed rest and relaxation.

I have been doing quite a bit of reading and even more yoga. I have learned that if you do yoga everyday your flexibility increases dramatically over a very short time. It becomes addicting. My goal is to become more bendy or at least as bendy as Terry.

Christm read more

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Cruising the Great Ocean Road – Great Ocean Road, Australia

Yesterday we took a road trip down the Great Ocean Road. It was absolutely striking! The day started out a little wet and overcast but that didn’t stop us. Terry at the wheel and armed with what seemed like thousands of sandwiches, we drove a few hours from Melbourne through unusually light traffic for a Friday afternoon.

Our first stop was at Bells Beach which is famed for its world renown surfing. I forgot my board so I climbed onto the crest of the sign and surfed that which was almost a read more

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Lazing at the lack of lake – Lake Eppalock, Australia

The drive was relaxing as I munched on rice crackers (see mom, I am eating healthily!) and read my book all the while bouncing my feet to the tunes. A couple hours later, we arrived at the lake. The dry dusty air was only exaggerated by the direct sun beaming down on us.

The water level was all time low of 15% likening it to more of a pond than the grand lake that it was just a short time ago. It was only now that I began to see the shocking effects of what is now being called the worst d read more

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Tennis and Tan Lines – Melbourne, Australia

Have been busy over the last few days doing a little bit of everything and nothing. Had a delightful dinner with family friends where I tasted Lynns` mouthwatering Sticky Date Pudding. We listened to Penny (talented sax) and Scott (budding bass) playing us after dinner tunes with their respective instruments.

I enjoyed a vigorous tennis lesson from Paul ranking this as one of my favourite sports to play. The next day, we went to watch the exhibition tennis (a practice for the pros before read more

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Choked up with Memories of Home – Here, Australia

I can`t believe today is the 6 month mark. In some times, it seems like forever ago that I was standing outside the house with my backpack on uttering tearful goodbyes to my family. I remember the last few days in Canada were so hectic trying to get all the last minute details looked after. I`ve always said that I worked best under pressure and this was my time to prove it.

I remember sitting up with Cortney, Stacy and Dennis at 1am the morning of writing out my will. How morbid! But it h read more

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Birthday Present to Self: Extending Trip – Melbourne, Australia

Well its been Great! I am sad to be leaving Melbourne shortly but I have such wonderful memories. We have been to the zoo which was one of the best I have visited. The animals really look happy here. They make a huge effort to ensure that they are in their natural environment. I saw their plans for the new elephant park and it looks like it will be spectacular.

We also went to a club called Bubble which was as always, an experience. The special guest DJ Nik Fish didn`t even come on until read more

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Straight Across Australia (without my pack) – Perth, Australia

Slept in this morning but somehow made it to the airport on time. I am sure it was fully to do with Terry’s Indy 500 like driving. Anyway, some of my favorite Melbournians saw me off at the airport and it was all I could do not to just break down crying.

I boarded the plane and settled into the very small seats (Quantas) for the 4 hour flight. I had a nice conversation with Candy from SA who is also a world traveler but more so for work. At least the food was good although I know I bumped read more

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Beach Life on the West Side – Cottesloe, Australia

So the beach has seemly swallowed me up but I have dragged myself to a computer to give a quick update. I stayed in Perth city proper the first night and spent a long night at a bar/club drinking heaps of beer with hundreds of fellow backpackers at a place called the Office. Well, that is as close as I will get to an office for a very long time. The band was pretty good and we ended up dancing the night away with people from every country.

I made my way the next morning (still, no hangove read more

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Australia Day in Perth – Perth, Australia

Australia Day is quite the event in Western Australia. I had been told that it was a much bigger deal in Perth than anywhere else in Oz. I met up with virtuous Shannon and we secured a spot in a prime location front and center on the Esplanade. We discussed life (as usual) before Shannon went off to find the others.

I had some nice conversation with the little old man from Perth sitting next to me. I learned all about life in Western Australia and shared with him thoughts on traveling. I read more

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