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Meeting the Shipmates – Great Keppel Island, Australia

We arrived at 3AM and visited over coffee until the guys came at 6AM. The 6 swedes were a little drowsy from their bus ride so we exchanged few formalities before making the sleepy bus ride to the docks. We met Jim, who was our skipper who informed us that we would get to have two boats! The other boat was run by Ron and Rachel, who went on a massive shopping excursion minutes after we arrived. Jim decided that we could go on without them and they could catch up. So we were off!

The sailin read more

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First Day at Sea – Snorkling and Sunning – Great Keppel Island, Australia

First thing after waking from a wonderful sea sleep, I jumped into the already very warm sea before enjoying an interesting breakfast of tea and protein packed muesli. We lounged around the boats as all the sleepyheads reared their weary heads one after another.

Later, a few of us jumped off and went snorkeling around the reefs in the area. I saw many different fish that I had never seen before. There was also a sea turtle and some rays, one that was even bigger than me! I was a little ner read more

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Storm at sea – Coral Sea, Australia

Last night was an amazing experience – albeit terrifying, it was thrilling all the same. The boat churned about reminding me of the power of Mother Nature. All sorts of questions bounced around my brain. If we keep abusing our environment, will our enjoyment of it will diminish at the same rate? Has it already begun? And is it too late?

We now get droughts and horrendous floods, tornadoes have sprung up out of nowhere and earthquakes near volcanoes shake my head. Is it my imagination or is read more

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Sailing through the Coral Sea – Near Northwest Island, Australia

I think it`s Tuesday or Wednesday. Today is the eclipse that I have been looking forward to. It`s 530AM and the sun is already roasting. I fell asleep to a moonless sky chock full of stars and I woke to the sun creeping up on a clean blue slate.

The day after the storm we had a quiet day and I got to do some writing. As well, it was really nice to spend some alone time on the beach. The day after that, we woke for an exciting day at sea. We set sail at 7am and I wasn`t feeling all that gr read more

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Opus of Birth – Northwest Island, Australia

What a treat! No other boat in the area so we were completely isolated with an entire tropical island to ourselves. I was surprised how quickly the tide went in and we were able to go ashore – just in time for sunset.

The others walked ahead as I sat in the sand, watching the dense papaya colored glow around the sun visit shades of peach and carnation before gradually tucking herself into the sea. I noticed several turtles passing not more than 10 feet in front of me, slowly gliding along read more

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Fabulous Foam Party – Airlie Beach, Australia

So after getting off the yachts, Kristin and I walked through the cute little town of Yeppoon. There was a store called Carmels, so I had to go in and discovered they had the cutest stuff. All my life, I have been looking for a key chain or any other paraphernalia with my name on it. My name is just not that common. But finally! I tried to buy it but there wasn`t time because the bus was coming.

We jumped on the bus and went to sleepy Rockhampton which seemed like a ghost town. In fact, the read more

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Sleeping in the Sails – Whitsundays, Australia

There is a quiet calm on the deck – no one awake yet save for the eagle soaring almost skimming the turquoise sea. I see wisps of cloud backlit by the approaching sun which is just moments away from climbing the leafy hills that encompass the inlet. The warm breeze caresses my sleepy muscles as I stretch taking in long doses of the sweet ocean air.

Yesterday, I packed my stuff then went to the lagoon to try and wash away the soapy residue still clinging to me. Rushed around trying to get read more

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Underwater Wonderworld – Whitehaven Beach, Australia

As we pulled up in the tender, I could feel the heat radiating off the powder light sand. It is 98% silica and feels like talcum powder. The sun is so bright today that any random cloud is a welcome break from the scorching rays.

I practiced Poi and showed a few people the ropes…haha excuse the pun. I was amazed how quickly Nick and Claire picked it up. I donned my stinger suit which was surprisingly comfortable then hit the waves. I ate Vegemite toast for breakfast thinking it was just read more

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Meeting Mr Shark – Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The fantastical colors in the magical garden of the sea remind me of coloring with a big box of crayons. Even if I mixed together all the shades, I could never come up with anything even close to natures` pallet. The paint that Mother Nature uses breathes. It is alive.

The fish change color before your very eyes with the combination of light and dark creating a gleaming glittering effect. The size variations in the sea world make you feel like you are in another dimension. Flying through read more

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Higher States of Relaxation – Mission Beach, Australia

On Friday night, we had a big goodbye party with everyone from the boat. Dinner and drinks then I played the tambourine with the band. Everyone donned my Canada tattoos and I felt special. It was such a great send off, I don`t even know how we made the bus at 1am.

After a long restful bus ride, we arrived in Mission Beach. I remembered being recommended a hostel here with “Shark” in the title. But then, there was nothing like that as I looked at what was available. Perhaps they meant Beach read more

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