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Making myself at home – Oban, United Kingdom

I arrived in Oban after a very scary and loud bus ride. I don`t get motion sickness often but the driver Mike thought he was at the Indy 500, I think. Also, this guy is loud naturally but found it necessary to almost swallow the microphone. Even with earplugs it was excruciating. Anyway, we weren`t even half way to Oban when I made my decision to stay on for a few days, if for no other reason but to avoid getting back on that bus again.

It was a good decision indeed. I met Carmella from read more

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Relaxing in the Castle Gardens – Edinburgh, United Kingdom

So now I have left the Highlands to continue on my way. I have much more ground to cover. I was surprised at how sunny and warm it was today in Edinburgh. I was a little nervous about having to come back to a big city but I met a ton of great old and new friends last night.

Today I sat in Edinburgh Castle Gardens and watch a father playing fetch with his little boy. I couldn`t help but rest my head and take a little nap. The grass was so green and soft, the sun was so warm, the sound of th read more

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All nighters – Edinburgh, United Kingdom

I had an exciting time staying awake all nite with Jules, Jon, Andy and Scott. But I somehow made it onto the bus this morning. I know that this is probably not a good pattern to be keeping when I see people like Gus who walk in and say `You did it again didn’t you` shaking his head with disbelief. I am thinking its probably a Scottish thing.

I am always amazed at how sometimes you can meet just the right people at just the right time…and they make your day. Jules is a very intelligent and s read more

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Don’t eat the acorns in Sherwood Forest – York, United Kingdom

Yesterday, I left York which has a center of medieval streets which would be hard to get lost in. There is a huge cathedral called Minster which is the largest in England that you can see from pretty much anywhere in town. We stopped off in Sherwood Forest where we saw Major Oak Tree (GIANT) which is held up with poles of sorts. I have now witnessed a tree on life support. The forest was really magical and peaceful at the same time. I didn`t see Robin Hood anywhere but there were some strange el read more

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Studentness in Oxford – Oxford, United Kingdom

Next, we stopped at Oxford where there were what seemed like a million students milling around buying supplies and calming down concerned parents. It is the weekend before classes start so there is a feeling of anxious excitement. I felt more intelligent just walking around this town as Oxford boasts the oldest university in Britain. From Oxford it was straight on back to London. Amy, Mark and Sarah kept me company today making me laugh for almost half the ride.

I arrived back in London a read more

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Liquid Lunching in London – London, United Kingdom

I met up with Katrina and we had the best day in Covent Gardens. We sat on the second level in front of the huge glass windows inside Burger King watching Leicester Square with our very own musical serenade from four talented boys. We then did a bit of shopping before going to meet up with Jacques and his friends in Greenwich.

I have no idea where the night went but all of sudden, magically it was morning…too soon. Katrina and I made our way home in the very chilly morning air. Later on, read more

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Funny Funiculars and Little Lifts – Paris, France

Ok, so I am quite glad to be moving south. I didn`t sleep again the night before I left London. I hung out with Katrina and friends then caught the tube for the last time to meet my 7am train to France. The whole ride takes 30 mins to Paris. Its weird to be going again. I really hope its going to get warmer. France doesn’t seem as green but that could be because its mid-Oct.

I arrived in Paris and checked into the hotel but had a few troubles getting up the lift. They are the smallest elev read more

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Sprinting the Louvre Lap – Paris, France

Kelley, my new Canadian friend and I missed the walking tour so we decided to make our own. First, we stopped at Bastille and then went to Notre Dame. Notre Dame was bigger on the outside than it seemed on the inside but I found later that the Louvre was quite the opposite. In any case, I wasn`t very impressed with this dark and dreary church and ended up leaving after a short time.

We must have walked by 50 pet and flower stores (is this the plant and animal district?)on the way to the L read more

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Visit to Versailles – Paris, France

Yesterday I went to Versailles with Micheal and Serena. It was tres grande. I guess it better be considering its one the the largest castles in the world. The Chateau de Versailles has more than 2,000 windows, 700 rooms, 1250 fireplaces, 67 staircases and more than 1,800 acres of park. I especially love that they are getting back many of the original pieces. Apparently, people buy them from auctions for large sums of money and then donate them. The murals on the ceilings and the furniture is mag read more

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Looking down from the Tower – Paris, France

I went to a park near Champs Elysees and sat on a bench admiring the green, red and yellow shades of the leaves. There were these two French girls visiting on the next bench who were chattering away excitedly as I wrote in my journal. They asked me to take some Polaroids of them together as they explained to me that this was the last time they would see each other for 3 years! I was honored to be part of such a special memory. They returned the favor for me then skipped off.

I didn’t have read more

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