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Stuffed Squirrels and Tube Cats – London, United Kingdom

On Saturday I slept until late afternoon and went to the Queen Mary which is a boat turned into a bar/nite club on the Thames river. It was really fun but we made it an early night as we were all pretty tired from the night before. It was located very close to the club we went to Friday night and it was hard for me not to think about what a crazy nite that was.

Sunday, we lazed around then went shopping for groceries at the local supermarket. I am still surprised by some of the different f read more

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Big Rocks and Greasy Pies – Bath, United Kingdom

I left London and went through Windsor to see Windsor Castle where the Queen lives in the summer. Apparently it is too expensive to heat it through the winter so they move to Buckingham Palace for those months. It was very impressive from the outside and I wondered what on earth they do with all that space.

Next I visited Stonehenge and Avebury where there are famous rock formations which are still a mystery of why and how they got there. The rocks were very large and I are placed in some read more

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Coal Mining and Long Tailed Sheeps – Abergavenny, United Kingdom

From Bath, the bus stopped in Abergavenny where we all drank apple cider in a car park (something of a tradition so the bus driver Julie claimed) and practiced our Welsh. The Black Sheep hostel was actually a Welsh Pub with a hostel in the basement. It was very quaint and they cooked us BBQ for supper which went well with the beer.

Gabby and Renee taught me a new card game called V2 and we played while many of the others sang karaoke including yet another kiwi James` very enthusiastic rend read more

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Hikes and Castles – Caenarfon, United Kingdom

Next we stopped in Snowdonia National Park and hiked around the mountains where some breathtaking landscape pictures were taken. We did a Precipice Walk which I renamed in my head the Avoid-the-Sheep-Poo Walk. Now I know what happens when lots of sheep get together and graze near hiking paths. We lost some people and worried that perhaps they fell down the steep mountain? No. Turns out they were waiting in the WRONG car park…um…maybe the fact that the tour bus wasn`t there may have been thei read more

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15 hour Party People – Dublin, Ireland

I made it out of Caernarfon to the ferry in Holyhead. As I was waiting for the bus that takes you to the ferry, I met Joe and Siobhan who were excited to give me advice on what to see in Ireland. They have lived here their whole life here and gave me three pages of wonderful tidbits, pictures and all. We drank vodka and OJ as we crossed the (radioactive) Irish Sea.

By the time we reached Dublin, I was feeling quite fine. We headed straight for the pub and I had my first Irish Guinness. It read more

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We are all friends here – CastleIsland, Ireland

We arrived in Castleisland and it was all that I had hoped from a sweet little Irish town. The guy at the bar wouldn`t let me tip him after I got a pint, telling me that my money was no good here, that we are all friends. We grabbed a bite (Yay for mashed potatoes! Hangover comfort food!) in the local eatery where everyone seemed to know everyone. I am so lucky to have met such gracious Irish folk as Joe and his family.

We ate a very hearty steak dinner made by Joe’s mum and then we were o read more

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Green Clovers and Pots of Gold – Cork, Ireland

The drive to Cork took about an hour and lucky girl that I am, I got the complete audio tour with miscellaneous factoids by our good friend Joe. He is a plethora of information which leads me to believe somehow fate had it that I would meet up with Irelands most friendly and informed ambassador.

Ireland is known for its great storytellers and matchmakers. Its very good to see that the gift has been passed down through the generations. Before I came to Ireland I would think of green shamro read more

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Caves and Farmhouses – CastleIsland, Ireland

It is with mixed feelings that I leave Castleisland today. I am off to Dublin and then back to Wales. I have nothing but fond memories of Ireland and as upset as I am about leaving my new Irish family, I am positive that I will be back very soon.

I met Joe`s best friend Sile and they helped me along on my studies of alcoholic beverages. I am now officially educated on the ins and outs of Irish drinking. We visited Crag Caves where stalagmites and stalactites number in the millions.

read more

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Lost in Dublin – Dublin, Ireland

The train ride from Tralee to Dublin was long but I met some people who tried to feed me alcohol and chocolate. It was interesting. I cabbed to Ani`s house but was missing a 0 off the address so I was stuck in the middle of the night in some dark and deserted neighbourhood. I tried to get the cab to stay but he wouldn`t. The lady at the address that I went to by mistake was soooo nice and let me use her phone. Unfortunately Ani`s phone wasn`t working so I started to panic a little. The nice lady read more

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Tea and TV – Ambleside, United Kingdom

I took a 30 minute train ride to Bangor where I waited another 2.5 hours for my bus. I have to say that I was glad that it was sunny and warm out or I just may not have made it. The bus turned up late but at least it turned up.

The first stop was Liverpool where I got a picture beside the yellow submarine and the went grocery shopping at M & S. The downtown area was quite busy so I was glad to leave as I am just starting to get my voice back and would rather not be exposed to any more ger read more

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