Do NOT Yogurt the Burn – Paros, Greece

I am burnt. Opps. I did put sunscreen on but the sun was so strong yesterday. So we went for our seafood dinner and in the middle I started itching. So a few people suggested that I apply yogurt. What a novel idea! People outside of North America haven’t heard of Noxema. I told my Aussie friends that I would send them a tub of this miracle cream.

Anyway, so I slathered myself in yogurt, head to toe and tried to go to sleep. It was fine until I woke at 3:30am in a body cast. The yogurt had dried and any moment resulted in excruciating pain as the dried yogurt was pulling at my tender burnt skin. Ug. So I carefully made my way to the shower and rinsed off.

So here I am. And I am not going in the sun today. I leave tomorrow for Naxos. I am excited about it. Again I am breaking away from my group as they leave today. But my new friend Marlena is going to stay on with me. She is great to travel with. Have a great day all!

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