Feeding in the Greek Isles – Paros, Greece

I am having a terrific time in Paros. The seafood here is indescribable. You are literally eating seafood that was swimming around hours before its in your mouth. I tried to fish yesterday with no avail but the view was well worth it. I have been just working on my tan and eating greek food.

The group I was with caught up yesterday and we all had fun visiting. I went to the supermarket and spent some time looking at the different things to buy. I finally settled on cereal, milk (which took me forever to figure out what was milk and yogurt and sour cream…I mean, they all have cows in the picture) and rice and greek sausages.

Tonight we are all going for traditional greek dancing and plate smashing. I added a few pictures to the site here. Hope all is well in your part of the world. Hugs!

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