Horrible Huts and Refreshing Rooms – Paros, Greece

I found everything in Athens ok. I got to my new hostel and even tho it was really hot, it was sans cockroaches. That was good. I went on a walking tour of Athens and saw a ton of sites including the Acropolis. I got some great pics of the sun setting over Athens. I made the group (Straytravel) late because i didn’t sleep the night before. It was soooo hot. We just made the ferry to Mykonos and settled in for a 6 hour ride. I met polish Marlena from Oz and we hit it off right away. She is beautiful and funny.

Mykonos was a little bit of a let down. We stayed at Paradise Beach which is basically a greek club med. We slept in these hut thingys which I have to say I really wasn’t crazy about. There I have a bunch of bug bites and I even woke up to a nice little white bug crawling up my arm. The food was yummy but expensive. The staff were really nice except for the weirdo who kept eating my food.

The beach had quite coarse sand but the water was really nice. There was a beach party (but it wasn’t at the beach…it was at the pool) last nite where we drank vodka out of a watermelon (pics to come) and danced and jumped in the pool. There were some good dancers and then there were some that I wasn’t sure if they needed help or a beer.

I decided to leave the group and come to Paros early by myself. They will catch up tomorrow. I am so glad I listened to my gut because now I am in heaven on earth. I met some fellow Edmontonians on the ferry over and we had some nice conversation. I ran into John again unexpectedly but he wasn’t going to the same place as me.

I got off the ferry and Leo from Coral Rooms on the Beach met me and gave me the town tour. I cant even believe how lucky I am. I was tanning on my own deck listening to the surf from the beach across the street. There is a refreshing wind that keeps me from getting too hot and there is cold water in my fridge in case I get thirsty. The view out of my window is from a postcard. Not only is my room cool with a ceiling fan, but it is beautifully furnished. I also have my own little kitchen and there were dried roses on the table to welcome me.

Leo said he would take me out tonight and show me around town. Greek people are so friendly and fun loving. I am not ready to go topless sunbathing just yet but I could definitely get used to a life like this. I am actually typing this from the deck and there is a cool breeze. They view just beyond the monitor is breathtaking.

I am getting the hang of sink washing my clothes. I found that a clever way to wash socks is to put them on your hands and wash your hands vigorously. Its actually fun. Who knew? I am not loving the white top that I brought- I think I might lose it soon. I may take a walk down to the supermarket and grab a snack as dinner here isn’t usually until 10ish. I love the greek food. I will try and get pics up soon. I have taken some really good ones. I hope that all is well. I think I may stay here for a little while. Oh, and if you want postcards, please email me your mailing address right away so I can send you some.

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