Getting to Greece – Athens, Greece

I am lost in Athens. But I think I am beginning to sort things out. The train ride from Switzerland to Venice was long but I got there ok. The language barrier is beginning to become more and more prevalent. Then I got lost all around Venice. Luckily I had the entire day to find the port I was leaving from.

I found I nice little cafe and ate a really yummy panini. Did you know that the little birds in Venice know how to beg like a dog? It was cute but a little sad. Of Course I fed one (or three) and then they all came. Opps. Venice is beautiful. They have water taxis, water police and even water ice cream trucks (?) you know what I mean. Its so easy to get lost there, but the little narrow cobble streets are so cute. I thought of how funny it would be if I fell into a canal with my big pack. Then I looked in the water and thought it wouldn’t be very funny at all.

Once I found my boat (ship) I was so happy to just get on and sit in a cool area. Then I was informed I was in the wrong place. John from Oz was also in the wrong place so we tried to find the “right” place together. After two tries (first place too loud and second too stuffy) we found a nice place to live for the next 27 hours. 27 hours! I had no idea it was going to be that long. But I guess I have been on longer cruises so I guess I could handle it. People just camp out everywhere. Even under the stairs! Unless you want to upgrade to a room or a chair.

After Johns very successful lemon hunt we had a tequila party on the deck (where we ended up sleeping as well…a little windy but the cement wasn`t as hard as it looked) Altho the tequila was realllllly weak, it was a good time. I walked around and found a casino that has 29 cent slots. I tried to watch the TV in the bar but it was all greek to me 😉 It was fun watching John try to communicate with this cute little greek family that had set up next to us. Especially entertaining was the kangaroo impression. I thought of what charades I would act if they asked me where I was from….Moose? Beer? Hockey?

Then later in the day about three hours before we had to disembark we found an open cabin and “stole” into it. I was fun but I have to admit I was nervous but really what could they do to us…make us walk the plank? So we relaxed and had showers ( can`t believe how valuable showers are to me now…amazing what can change in a week) then we got off the boat. Had to take a three hour bus ride to Athens from Patras. We got to the seediest hotel in the wrong side of town at about 2 AM. After an even seedier cab driver. Everything in Athens was full. My room had a dead pigeon out the window and it was soooo hot (hotter than Calgary, Trina).

This morning I wandered out to find that greek food is very cheap. I had mandarin orange juice, a roll, and rice pudding for breakfast. Now I need to make my way to this other place. Travelling is hard work sometimes. But no matter how hard it gets, I always remember that hey, it can`t be that bad…I am in Greece!

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