Making New Friends – Interlaken, Switzerland

Could it get any better than this? I am so happy sometimes its hard. I had to say goodbye yesterday. My friend Lauren (sink girl 😉 ) left and I almost cried. How is it that you can know someone for three days and get so attached? I think I am just lucky to be meeting the best people. I miss the Aussies too but I know I will be seeing them soon.

Last night I went to the best reggae band. I just sat there with this huge permagrin. As much as I tried, I could not stop smiling. Today I have just spent the day relaxing and getting ready to move on to the next place. I am a little nervous. I mean, its my first nighttrain….woohoo. So the next few weeks will be a little crazy but I love greek food. I will miss Interlaken… I am thinking of coming here for the end of the year…before I go back to my continent. Its so cool here.

I have had so many people writing in my journal. They write to me the best places to go to. I have so many places to go. I met these great ladies from Hong Kong on the train. I gave them this tiny little Canadian Flag sticker and they gave me this beautiful hand crafted paper art fish. Its so delicate. I am learning so much about trust and sharing. It is so neat that we are all really just one big family. The more people I meet the more I realize what a small world this is. Sometimes I miss home. Sometimes I just close my eyes and I am there…and then I open them and I am here. And its like two for the price of one.

They are playing the best 80s music in the cafe I am in right now. I love the reaction I get from people when I tell them I am going around the world. Their faces just light up. I am glad to be able to make so many people smile. I mean, that is what its all about. The smile. Its raining so hard today. I actually had to borrow an umbrella. I have to catch the train tonight. I will be leaving in less than 4 hours. Then its a whole new place. Maybe with sun not rain. But even the rain is special in Switzerland. I was speaking to some travellers yesterday about optimism. One said that he was a true pessimist. I argued that really, how bad could it be. No matter what happens, its like hey, I am in Switzerland…(fill in the blank with misc location). It can never get THAT bad.

My email address (picked so haphazardly) has turned out to be a really cool name….everyone I meet is so excited to see where I go…they want my email…and they ask me if I am for real when tell them whereshegoes is my handle. Turns out to be a good choice….everyone seems to want to keep track of “whereshegoes”. One of the best souvenirs will be my journal. I have people from around the world sharing with me their most favorite places and experiences…again, remind me how I got so lucky?

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