Canyoning and Motoring – Interlaken, Switzerland

Wow. I went canyoning today. It was nothing short of spectacular. First I rappelled down a 150 meter canyon, then we jumped, slid and climbed through more than a mile of beautiful Swiss Canyon. It was a little cold but we had wet suits on (as well as all the safety garb, Mom). My favorite part was when I zip lined down and right in the middle, they yell to let go and you drop 5 meters or so into a pool of glacier water.

This place is cool. I am having a really good time. And meeting the greatest people. Amy and Maca from Oz left today and I was sad to see them leave. They made me smile more than once. Maca and his tequila winning tactics and Amy’s beaming smile. Its rainy here today. Cool that on only the third day I get to wear my rain suit. I must say that it looks pretty cute for a rain suit. Actually it just started as we were finished our Canyoning trip, drinking our beer and eating bread, cheese (made at a farm only miles away from where we were sitting) and pie. I took a pic and hopefully will post it soon. Internet is so expensive here so I will email you individually when I get somewhere more affordable. Today was a good day.

As time goes, it is hitting me that there will be lots of days like this. I am so happy to be alive right now. I feel so grateful that I have this opportunity. For those back home, Interlaken is just like Banff but the buildings are really old. There is so much history here. I spent an hour watching all the cuckoo clocks in this one store. Then I opened up all these beautiful wooden music boxes and they all played Edelweiss to me at the same time. I got a swiss army knife (they confiscated my old work knife at the security in Calgary…I wasn’t really too sad 😉 because now I have one with my name on it!

Yesterday I went on a motorcycle ride all over the place. The scenery is so picturesque. I saw sheep, rolling hills, snowy capped rock towers ;)…it was just like the postcard! I really hope that all is well where you are. I go to bed so happy that I have such wonderful people in my life. It is really starting to hit me that this whole trip…is pretty special. I know its only the third day but I have to wonder when the surreal feeling will wear. But then I stop, because I realize that it will only wear if I let it.

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