Found the Funny Farm – Interlaken, Switzerland

I think I just came upon one of the best places in the world. I know this because I have met people from almost every continent and we all feel the same way. Interlaken is amazing. There are beautiful mountains all around and it is sandwiched between two huge lakes. Hence the name.

I am staying at the Funny Farm. You can just sit and play monopoly, or chat with one of your new found friends. Because here everyone is your friend. I have already gotten pages of travel advice. Zou can play tennis, foosball, pool, or pingpong. Or zou can jump out of a plane if thats what floats zour boat. I mean, zou have to sleep in a barn but reallz who wouldn’t want to sleep next to Mr. Ed or Babe? How often do zou get to sleep below Mickey Mouse or Felix the Cat? Everyone I have met (probably 30 new great people in just one day) is such a character and has so much to say. I love it.

The diversity of the things you can do here is astounding. You can go paragliding, skydiving, ice climbing, canyon or bungee jumping, canyoning (which is much harder than is sounds) and rafting. That’s just to name a few. Extreme sports are rampant here. And just think of the view zou get. Like I said. Amazing. Then if zou just feel like relaxing, zou can just hang by the pool watching people belly flop from the moving rock climbing wall into the pool.

Then at night, there is the Guinness tent, bonfire, and there is a nightclub in the basement. There is great hiking to waterfalls…the list just goes on. But more than anything, I love the atmosphere. Everyone is so great. If zou want solitude, zou can have it but if zou want someone to hang out with, there is alwazs someone about to go do that thing zou wanted to do. Most people here have been here before and plenty have adjusted their trip to stay longer. I will be here till Wed but I am sure I will be back.
I plan to go canyoning and possibly canyon jumping. I miss zou all and would like to write more but internet time in Switz. is not the cheapest. have a great day. I am. 🙂

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