First Taste of Foriegn Culture – Zurich, Switzerland

I am finally here. I am really tired and this keyboard is funny…the y is not in the right place and there are dots on top of the letter oau. It is a different world here. Note to self- buy compass. I got lost 4 times today. Its ok though because I got to see places I probably wouldn’t have gone to by plan.

The flights were great. I met a Belizian Leah from Calgary who made the flight to Toronto so short 🙂 I got to see my long lost cousin Danielle and had a great time on my layover and I pretty much slept the entire way to Zurich. Its rainy here…but not too cold. There is a nice river that runs through the city.

I went shopping already for supper food. My hostel has a kitchen. It was neat in the grocery store because nothing was in English so I really had to rely on the pictures on the packaging to know what I was buying. False advertising at this point could be brutal. It must have looked funny to people how closely I was inspecting the tomato sauce. Its pretty busy here…lucky me, i got the last bed. So for lunch i had a salad and chocolate. Mmmm..the chocolate is soooo yum here. i am not worried about the poundage because of all the walking (the streets are cobblestone and very steep) i did today. plus my room is 500 stairs up…ok, not that many but it feels like it.

Tomorrow I am going to Interlaken, I think. Unless something great comes up here. I think I have seen as much of Zurich as I would like. There are lots of watches and chocolate. How cliche. So I think it is 7am for me in my body time but its 4pm in Zurich time. I expected more people to speak English here. Turns out not too many do. Its kinda strange asking for directions ect…I mean, I cant believe i was trying to figure out who was most likely to speak English by how they looked. I wonder how “English speaking” I look… The train was a bit scary because i had no idea when to get off and there were only these two drunk guys so i wasn’t about to ask them. It all worked out tho.

I am making spaetzel and sauce for dinner. I think I will try to get to sleep early. I am so sore, my feet, my back and other various body parts. I am happy to be here and so far it is pretty exciting. the best thing so far was the feeling right before i got off the plane. we had landed in Zurich and i thought to myself “Hum. What should I do today?” And the answer is anything I want. Including getting lost with my cereal box sized Lindt chocolate bar and Evian.

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