On my way to the spa, I decided to pop by tea time. It happens every day at 4pm and usually its a pretty cool experience. The Silversea version didn’t disappoint. I was given a tea menu off which I chose Earl Grey. They brought me a rack of sweets, cakes, cookies and crustless sandwiches. I am sure it is meant for two but I had fun trying. Let me tell you in my experience these little squares and sandwiches are cute and pretty to look at but are virtually tasteless. But everything I tasted was sublime. I suddenly felt worried that if all the food on this ship is done this well, I am going to have a hard time maintaining my weight.


My massage was great although because it was deep tissue, I really felt it. In fact, I will probably be feeling it for a while. Charnelle is a tiny thing from South Africa but boy she is strong! The room was peaceful and warm with soft nature music. I left feeling pretty relaxed, if not a little sore and floated down the stairs to my room. I lived directly below the spa…convenient.


I got ready for supper and made my way down to The Restaurant. This ship is so small, things are called what they are. The Restaurant. The Bar. I like that. The dining room was subdued and quiet. I enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere and the high level of service. I sat by the window where I can watch outside at the water or the reflection in the glass of the people sitting around me. Sneaky huh?

IMG_20191129_203536IMG_20191129_210520The menu was lovely. I had foie gras, truffle mushroom soup, salmon, and panna cotta for dessert. It was just the right amount of food and the quality was fantastic. I turned in for an early night but first I had to choose my pillow from the pillow menu. There were 8 different pillows and even a scented silk case option. I tried a few choices and in the end, I created a heavenly sleeping nest with 5 kinds of pillows. Good thing there is no one else in the bed with me! They just wouldn’t fit!


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  1. How come you gave up writing about your trip? It looked fabulous and would have loved to read the rest.

    Happy New Year!

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