I was surprised to see three other ships in the port alongside mine. I guess it makes sense, this is a popular Caribbean cruise port. Check-in was the easiest it has ever been. In fact it seemed I was the only one boarding. I know I was getting on halfway through a 2 weeker so there must have only been a handful of us. The first thing I noticed was the sophisticated grey leather cardholder they gave me to store my room key in. The young man who took my info was very polite and professional. Another gentleman took my bag and walked me to the gangway. A simple swipe of the card and I was on board. I still hadn’t seen any fellow passengers.


I was invited to lunch in the main dining room where I found that I was the only one there aside from staff. Now it was starting to get creepy. Surely not everyone had gone off the ship to shore for the day? I sat comfortably by the window and deliberated on the toughest question of the day: sparkling or still, madam?


I ordered a Nojito, one of the many virgin cocktails I researched before I left Canada. Turns out there are a lot of fancy drinks I can have…and many don’t have sugar either. I am gonna be an expert of Keto Non-Alcoholic cocktails by the end of this trip. I had a nice rare tuna steak and bright crisp salad for lunch. And my very favorite, Panna Cotta for dessert. I am in heaven. After a beautiful coffee, I made decided to explore the rest of my small ship. I noticed a couple other tables of guests on my way out so there were more people trickling in. IMG_20191129_120841

There were many small rooms onboard like the card room which has games and puzzles. There is a rather large library that had books in many languages and even a sizable book exchange. There is an internet cafe and a cigar room. The ship is done in dark wood and light floors. I found it very tasteful and classy. The art was definitely older style and suited more towards the more refined crowd, heavy emphasis on history and culture. It’s a nice change from the loud and sometimes obnoxious art that can be seen on the mega-ships.

I finally made my way up to my room where I was delighted to find such a welcoming space. I have more than enough room and a bathroom fit for a princess. I love all the little details like Bvlgari toiletries including bath tea, a fluffy thirsty bath mat, even a rack that goes across the tub to hold your cool drink or book. The granite and double sinks just give the whole room a feel of luxury. Even the shower was quite large by cruise ship standards. Yup, I am spoiled.

The TV has everything you would ever need to know like info on your next port, a complete schedule of the days events (including ship location, weather), on demand new release movies and classics, entire seasons of popular TV shows, a plethora of live news and sports channels, your room account, and my favorite a current menu (detailed with ingredients of dishes) for each meal in each restaurant. After all, planning my day’s meals is one my my favorite parts of cruising. The whole TV/computerized experience is easy to use, innovative and informative. This is the first time I have seen a cruise line do this right. Bravo! I can say this made my cruise experience at least 20 percent better by just having information I needed at my fingertips.


Perhaps one of the best parts of this trip is the $1000 On Board Credit I have to use up. Quite the promo that one. I plan to get daily massages in the top-rated Spa onboard. Yup, spoiled. Oh in fact, it’s time for my appointment now…

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