I woke up excited to board my 6-star luxury cruise. I had been waiting for this day for months now. There is always a part of me that catastrophizes that I will somehow tragically die before the amazing thing I have been waiting for actually happens. Now there was only a 10 minute cab ride between me and my ship. I took a stretch outside and smelled the tropical flowers next to my patio table. I cut open the papaya I bought for breakfast and was pleased that it was perfectly ripe: heavy, juicy, and sweet. IMG_20191129_082528

I’d made a few friends around the neighborhood including the cats, a couple cute curious lizards that snuck into my house a couple times, and even a chicken and rooster that visited my door. I had hoped to make human friends around the hotel during the owners’ party usually held every Thursday night but it was suddenly canceled with no explanation. It was one of the main reasons I booked Beach View, a perk that attracted me as a solo traveler so it was a let down not to have it. It was a great property all in all, but I didn’t find it terribly personal despite my best efforts. Good thing they had those cats.


I packed my bag back up and put on my cruise hat.  Ready to go! My taxi arrived at 11am and whisked me to the Bridgetown port where my ship was waiting. Squeeeeeee!


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