After an early night, I woke up mostly recovered from jet lag and decided to go exploring. Beach View hotel has a free morning shuttle to Hole Town which is about 15 minutes away. I made my way to the meeting point a couple minutes early only to find they had left without me. I had signed up and everything so I was slightly annoyed. I waited around for 45 minutes for the next trip. In that time I discovered Kevin, the white cat. I was so happy to cuddle on him and found he was extremely friendly. I didn’t even care that he was getting his white fur all over me. The small price one pays for being a cat lover.


I finally got the shuttle to Holetown and walked around the big supermarket for a while. Everything was clean and well organized. They had most of the common brands that I recognized though prices were a bit higher. A box of cereal was $16 Barbados which is $8 USD. I loved that they had free wifi. There was a whole section for rum cake so I guess that is pretty popular here. IMG_20191128_100411

I ended up buying a local banana, sugar-free alcohol-free ginger beer, ginger tea, some milk for my coffee back at the hotel (they only give enough for the first day), and some ginger mango cheese that I figured would be yummy. It was. And I loved that Ginger Beer! I wish I could get that back home!


I checked out a few of the shops but discovered everything was really really expensive. Like a sundress was a couple hundred dollars (USD) and even just a straw hat was $80. None of it was that beautiful to me anyway so I was happy just to leave it in the store. I remember buying island resort wear in the past and it now sits in my closet. I certainly don’t need more white flowy clothing.

Next, I stopped by Just Grillin for lunch and ordered a grilled fish (mahi mahi) on a caesar salad. It was delicious! The dressing was tangy, creamy, and just right. Restaurant food on this island can be really overpriced so finding this little haunt was a real treat. The locals seem to like it too so that is a great sign.


I debated walking back to the hotel which would have taken about 40 minutes but the midday sun convinced me otherwise. I decided to hop on a local bus instead. There certainly were no shortage of them. Here is the thing. There are two kinds of busses. The blue ones are government-run and highly regulated. They run slow and reliable and you must have exact change. The yellow buses are privately run, and are more like an amusement park ride. The music is pumping and they sometimes travel faster than seems safe. They also stop wherever and will pick up anyone from anywhere…no bus stop required. Both the yellow and the blue ride the same route and cost $3.50 Barbados ($1.75 USD). On the yellow bus though there is a young man in a yellow shirt hanging out the door to beckon you onboard and make change for your fare. He is also very friendly and made sure to invite me back on his bus the next day. I wondered how that would even be possible to know which bus was which, there seemed to be at least 20 yellow buses running up and down the route.


When I finally got back to the hotel it was late afternoon and I was beat. I discovered another resident kitty and this one seemed to be pregnant. She was more timid and shy but warmed up to me quite quickly. I was pleased to have all this cat love around. I think for me it’s a real bonus when there are resident cats, and I would definitely choose a cat friendly hotel any day of the week. Pet therapy is a bonus especially when your traveling.


I went down to the beach for one more sunset knowing I would be boarding the ship tomorrow. It was gorgeous and I guessed that they would be spoiled most nights of the year with colors like these splayed across the sky.



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